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How Different Industries can Use Text Reminders

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Feb 19, 2016

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Forget about tying that ol’ string around your finger: today’s memory aids have gone digital.

Though that method was part of our folklore for years and was said to boost brain power by alerting you to something unusual on your hand, it didn’t always help: sometimes all the string did
was remind people that they’re supposed to remember something important, but not necessarily what or why.

The popularity of personal technology has created more tools to help us keep appointments straight and to-do lists up-to-date. A timer and calendar pretty much come standard in smartphones, and it’s simple to sync our work and home calendars so we don’t forget a thing. Programs like Outlook not only ping us when an event is supposed to be starting but in appropriate increments before it.

However, the more we try to keep things straight, the
higher the risk of losing track of things. Like the string around the finger, we may soon find ourselves surrounded by plenty of reminders, but not necessarily able to recall why we were trying to keep track of it.

A text reminder, on the other hand, might be he right combo of being easy to notice without being, well, easy to forget.

One of the tools available from Trumpia, an automated texting service, offers ways for businesses to send a text reminder out to customers, clients, co-workers, or anyone who signs up for their texts.

Since more of us are attached to our mobile phones, these texts can find us wherever we are, not just on our home computers or work computers or mailboxes.

At the same time, we’re also quick to notice text messages, the minute we hear the tinkle or feel the vibration.

Trumpia also provides cross-channel support as an additional tool. Along with being able to compose and schedule text reminders, you also create and schedule emails and app content. Even better, you can record a general voice greeting and set it to go out when certain conditions are met – everything from “time for your annual physical” to “your order is ready to pick up.”

There’s plenty of potential for any business to offer text reminder service. Being able to help people with their ongoing challenge of keeping track of life could build loyalty – and ultimately revenue – for your organization.

Here are some examples:


Eating establishments have already been experimenting with texting. Some Subway locations let people text in their order. Jamba Juice sends out texts with coupons and other news to its Insider Rewards subscribers. But as far as reminders, there’s great potential.

A restaurant can use texting to take and confirm reservations, and then send out a reminder maybe two hours and 15 minutes beforehand. The first notice could alert people to the day and time, and the second can urge them to get moving, otherwise risk losing their table. This could be handy for diners who may be in the restaurant bar. It also provides the opportunity text back yes or no and make sure a table is either claimed by the person with a reservation or declared up for grabs – either condition is preferable than holding a table for a no-show.

Service industry

Some service techs may check in with their main office at the start of their day to pick up their assignments. But any later communication with the main office is usually by phone. A text alerting them to a change in appointments may be noticed more than voice mail. A text can include a link to more details about the upcoming job, so he or she has a better idea of what’s ahead.

Customers can also receive updates of the service’s tech’s schedule throughout the day, rather than the “sometime between 10 and 4” appointment that sometimes causes great aggravation. Perhaps one hour beforehand can give people enough time to leave work and make sure there’s someone home. This minimizes customer frustration wondering if the tech has the correct day/time, and minimizes the tech arriving at a home and not finding anyone there.


The office staff at many health care providers can be incredibly efficient. They may want to schedule you for a future visit, even if it is six months or a year away. Who knows what will be happening that far away? But with a text reminder, you can receive a variety of notices that your appointment is approaching. These can include simple notes for calendars, along with the opportunity to confirm or cancel.

Along with specific appointment info, providers can send out helpful wellness information – not necessarily “See you at 9 on Friday” but “This is the recommended amount of exercise you need each week, and to drink this much water, hope you’re doing it, for more tips, give us a call.”


A note sent to your “favorite shoppers” (at least those who have signed up for your texts) can get them excited about an upcoming event or super sale. This can boost attendance, and may attract more people than a general print flier or TV commercial.

If you’re planning a giveaway in conjunction with your event, you can ask people to text back a confirmation that they’ll attend can also give you an idea of a head count.


Educational institutions can provide all sorts of dates to remember. K-12 schools can share info about upcoming activities that parents need to know, such as registration, holidays, or special assemblies.

Colleges can send out reminders to students about deadlines for registration and financial aid, and other procedural items that are important yet can be overlooked for various reasons.
EdWeek said the modern college setting can be confusing, so even basic tips like “maybe you should be meeting with your academic counselor around now” can go a long way. Texting can also alert students and faculty about changes on campus, such as a weather-related delay or emergency situation.

Financial advisors

If your clients love the thrill of day trading, you can ask if they would like texted alerts of their favorite stocks. Or, if want them to think long-term, you can send text updates through the year, such as how to prepare for taxes, or what they should be doing investment-wise when they hit their birthday, whatever their age. The older they are, the more the list of suggestions grows.

Religious organizations

You could text everything from suggested inspirational reading to the week’s meeting schedule and locations. Congregations at busy, growing churches want to be kept in the loop about activities.

For more text reminder strategies, visit trumpia.com.


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