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How An Automated Texting Software Can Streamline Business Communication

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on Feb 23, 2016

Automated Texting Software For Better Business CommunicationCopyright: everythingpossible / 123RF Stock Photo
Automated texting software can streamline business communication, making it ever easier for you to run your business and provide customers with quality products and services. With this software in place, you can build a platform through which you can reach potential customers faster, allow customers to provide feedback, manage your workforce and more. Solid communication is essential to running a successful business, and an automated texting software program gives you the tools you need to get the job done.

Send Short Message to Customers Easily

SMS marketing, or short message service marketing, is the use of short, informative texts that offer coupons, discounts or deals to new and existing customers. In general, customers are asked to opt in to receiving such texts, and they can opt out at any time. The benefit of using SMS marketing is that you can reach customers quickly, anytime you have a new deal or discount to promote. For example, if you are offering a flash sale of 50% off all services for the next four hours, you can send out a quick group text to all of your customers, enticing them with this deal.

Your business success relies on receiving feedback from customers, and being able to make changes based on the feedback you receive. You can request feedback from your growing base of customers through the use of automated texts, asking customers to rate your services. You can create automated text messages that let customers know you have received their feedback, or you appreciate their business, or any specific message you want to give to you customers for interacting with you through your automated system.

Alert Customers to Product or Service Delivery Problems Right Away

If you are experiencing problems with your business website, or your phone system is down, you can automatically notify your customers through text messaging that their is a technical issue that will be resolved soon. This allows you to reach your customers, even when you are experiencing technical difficulties. For example, if you are a company that provides a utility service and the service is currently down, you can notify your customers about the service interruption and provide updates when the service is once again restored.

Instead of wasting money on paper bills to remind customers of payments that are due, you can send out a text message to customers to remind them that it's time to pay their bill. For example, you can create a group text for all accounts that are past thirty days due, another for sixty days past due, etc. Customers are sent a text to remind them to pay their bill, and some will follow the link to pay their bill simply from the reminder.

Easily Remind Clients of Appointment Times

Clients are always forgetting their appointment times. If your business relies on clients coming in for their scheduled appointments, it's important to have a way to remind clients of their upcoming appointment that goes beyond an appointment card that they can misplace. You can set up the parameters around your reminder, letting clients know of their appointment the next day, next week, etc. When you send text reminders to clients, they are more likely to make it to the appointment, increasing your overall profit margin.

Reach Employees Quickly With Automated Texting Software

If you need to reach your workforce quickly, the ability to send out a group text is essential. While this won't be the only way you communicate with your employees, the ability to send out an emergency text is critical to running a successful business. Workforce management through the use of automated texting software streamlines your communication with your employees, making it easier for you to communicate in a moment's notice. For example, if you have a security emergency in your facility, you can send out a group text that alerts everyone to the potential risk without alerting the individual or individuals who are causing the problem in the first place.

Credit alerts using automated texting software are alerts that are sent to customers, letting them know of potentially fraudulent activity on their account. The protection of your customer's information is essential, and if there has been a breach to this security, your customers will need to know right away. Your customers will feel more secure, knowing that you are monitoring accounts and keeping them safe from hackers.

If you have customers sign up for your services, letting them know that the sign up process is complete via a text message lets them know you have recorded their information. For example, if a customer makes an appointment to meet with you in a week, a text message can be sent to them, confirming their appointment time. This lets customers know you have received their request, and that it is now in your schedule.

Providing High Quality Customer Service

When you have customers use a password to access an account on your website, providing one time passwords or forgotten password reminders is important. It's easy for customers to forget their password, and being able to send a one time password through a text message will save both you and your customer time as they try to log into the system. One of the easiest ways to reduce customer frustration with your website is to make retrieving passwords easier.

Customers love to know when their goods have been delivered, and setting up a delivery notification system to alert customers when their product has arrived is good customer service. Your customer will benefit by knowing the product has been delivered, and they will make sure to look for the product without leaving it out on their doorstep for too long. To prevent theft, let your customers know when their goods have been delivered to their home.


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