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Business Value using Text Message Marketing Automation

Posted by Trumpia on Oct 03, 2014


Creating value for your customers using text messaging
"Core Values" by Howard Lake is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Businesses that utilize SMS marketing to communicate with and engage customers understand its value for its prospective and current customers. With an open rate of 95%, text messages are viewed more quickly and more often than any other mode of communication, indicating its value and importance to message recipients. Already your marketing strategy’s best friend, it is even more effective and robust when powered by Marketing Automation.

One of Trumpia’s Marketing Automation features, Auto Campaigns allows businesses to create a detailed flowchart that outlines and directs their customer interaction. For example, let’s examine how a local florist would create value for it’s customer base by employ Auto Campaigns to build customer rapport and better target its audience.

Before even sending out a single SMS message or advertising a Mobile Keyword, Fanny Florist sets up an Auto Campaign to better manage customer engagement. This means that Fanny won’t have to create responses and react to customers’ messages on the fly. She will already have responses and actions that will automatically be carried out as customers interact with her messages. Fanny will be able to see a “big picture” of her marketing strategy, rather than piecemeal snippets between features, messages, coupons, and so on.

SMS Marketing Automation example:

Fanny is new to town and doesn't have any contacts in her database. Let’s follow along with her Auto Campaign flowchart.

  • She starts off her Auto Campaign with a text-to-join Mobile Keyword.
  • When customers text in her Keyword, they will automatically be added to her address book online.
  • They will also receive an SMS message asking them to vote for their favorite holiday(s) and special days involving flowers, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays.
  • Customers’ votes are then recorded in Fanny’s database.
  • Fanny wants to provide value to her customers so she follows up with her new contacts via SMS message to see whether they would like to receive promotional coupons, holiday reminders, or both.
  • Then, when the holiday rolls around, Fanny can reach out to her new customers with specific coupons and/or reminders that they are interested in. It’s a win-win! Customers voice their interests, which Fanny responds to by sending valuable coupons and information that will more likely be used than if they were generic.
  • When customers use a coupon, they can receive another reward, or join a loyalty program geared to engage them beyond that specific holiday.

Auto Campaigns also allows business to extract intricate information such as SMS click-through rates, which record the links that customers clicked from within an SMS message. This can indicate a level of interest to businesses so that they can reach out accordingly. Another valuable feature is the Custom Data Fields feature, which allows businesses to link customers with preferences so that future messages can be tailored to accommodate customers’ interests.
SMS marketing is a powerful tool on its own, but in today’s fast-paced society with automated processes, using the most sophisticated SMS Marketing Automation tools is a must, not an option. As businesses compete with one another, it is crucial to remember to market true value to the recipients, not just what businesses think is valuable to their contacts. The important element to consider at all times, is whether the business’ offering invites customers to continue supporting their establishment, rather than be turned off by irrelevant communication.


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