We have two great updates for our API - Direct SMS for REST API and Java SDK

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Direct SMS for REST API

In the past, REST API users had to take the time to add contacts into our system’s database before a message could be sent to them. This helped users with compliance issues by sending the required welcome message with content and frequency details. It also enabled them to better manage their contacts in case they did not have access to a contact database system of their own.

With the new Direct SMS update, users can bypass this entire procedure to send a message as quickly as possible. Users can now simply enter the mobile number and message content and blast it off. Of course, that does mean that users will need to program the required welcome message themselves unless their specific messaging cases are exempt from it. With our new update, users have a choice of using our new Direct SMS API or old way of sending messages.

Java SDK

Our second update is the Java SDK. This SDK will save Java API users countless programming hours, testing hours, and resources. This release includes subscription management, list creation, and messaging code. Future Java SDK versions are in development, as well as SDKs for other programming languages.

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