Free to End User Short Code and Enhanced Opt Out Reporting!

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User Short Code and Enhanced Opt Out

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Free to End User Short Code

Looking for a way to eliminate cost as a barrier towards collecting more subscribers? Well good news, we now support free to end user (FTEU) short codes! These function in a similar way to toll-free numbers, but for text messages rather than phone calls. *With this new short code, even people without unlimited plans can subscribe to your messaging program without having to worry about incurring charges every time you send them a text. If you need an FTEU enabled short code, please contact your account manager.

Reporting for Opt Out from Data Sets

We’ve enhanced our reporting of subscribers who opt out for users with multiple data sets. Previously, if a subscriber belonged to two or more data sets and opted out, they would be removed from all data sets associated with the same master account without a notice being sent to the other data set managers. With this new update, when this happens, all data set managers will be notified in their reporting data.

Other Performance Enhancements

We’ve also made a few more enhancements to our software’s performance. If you want to learn more about these, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

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