White Label Mobile Marketing 101: What it is, and if It's Right for You

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Generally speaking, white label mobile marketing is a strategy used when one company rebrands a product or service made or offered by another company to make it look like their own. The company sub-contracts the app development or marketing segment of a project to a partner, and both split the profits. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that brings your partner more clients and positions your brand favorably in customer's minds.

The Pitfalls of DIY Marketing

Today, many businesses try to take on too much alone. Innovation can indeed yield exciting results and save money - if you have the resources, experience, and team to pull it off. Unfortunately, many businesses, especially new entrepreneurs, try to cut down a thick oak tree with a chisel. They may make easily avoidable mistakes, delay the launch date of their product or service, and spend too much money on development efforts. These mistakes can cost you money and reputation. And without an experienced partner to rely on, chances are you'll continue to struggle with uncertainty. In the fast-paced world of mobile marketing, customers will quickly scroll past you and buy from someone with a better name, better product, and better advertising.

History's greatest successes more often than not involved a partnership. Mobile marketing is no different. Here are a few ways white label mobile marketing can help you stand out from the crowd, no matter on which side of the equation you stand:

Reduce Your Risk

Developing and marketing your own brand requires substantial effort and investment. Building a brand alone also carries great risk and can easily drain a new business of its resources and morale. With white label digital marketing, the developer of the product or service gains exposure through the purchasing company's brand name and can enter the market with confidence.

Satisfy Customers' Needs

Customers want satisfaction ASAP. Spending months and years developing an app that may end up buggy can not only leave a bad taste in customers' mouths, it lets competitors swoop in and deliver a better product in less time. By partnering with an experienced developer or designer, you have a high-quality, thoroughly tested solution that meets your timeframe and can reach customers instantly. Your partner can also fix any issues and answer customers' questions.

Get Peace of Mind

In-house app development involves long periods of research, testing, bug fixes, and other time-consuming activities. With a white label solution, you can easily expand your company's offerings without the headaches. White label products usually come thoroughly tested and ready for public use. All you have to do is put your name on it and embark on your next project.

Focus on Your Strengths

Compared to traditional SEO and web marketing, mobile marketing is a relatively new field and involves many nuances that can be difficult for newcomers to learn. It's not the best idea to devote time and money to something that falls outside your realm of knowledge. Instead, define your goal, determine which parts you can handle efficiently, and allocate the rest to a reliable white label partner. You'll get a professionally crafted product, support and advice from an expert in the field, and more time to do what you do best.

Expand Your Client Base

By working for an established company with a reputable brand, your product or service will reach many more clients than you could have found alone. If you're a startup, a white label mobile marketing endeavor can skyrocket your growth and revenue. Depending on which business you partner with, you may even stumble upon some world-renowned clients ready to hire you for more big projects.

Like all marketing strategies, white label marketing isn't right for everyone. The purchasing company loses control of the development process, and the end product may not encompass everything they envisioned. While the company gains security, they lose a degree of creative freedom. The developer also cannot take credit for their own work. Doing so would violate the terms of the white label agreement and lead to legal consequences. Weigh the pros and cons of white label mobile marketing before you commit to a partnership.

Trumpia provides targeted white label mobile marketing solutions tailored to the needs of both established brands and startup developers. With the experience, resources, and dedication to tackle even the most detailed marketing projects, Trumpia can help your business succeed in the short and long term.


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