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Text Messaging Promotion Ideas to Boost Revenue

Posted by Jason Park on May 28, 2021

Follow these general guidelines in order to maximize your revenue and sales. Make sure to check out each bolded title in order to learn more!

SMS marketing, when used at its full capacity, can be utilized in order to increase revenue, customer engagement, and overall website traffic. Compared to other mediums of communication, SMS marketing is the far superior alternative. Check out some of these statistics:

  • According to the Harvard Business Review, “professionals have more than 200 emails in their inbox and receive 120 new ones each day but respond to only 25% of them.”
  • According to Forbes Magazine “95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, and an average response time for a text is 90 Seconds.”

Many people do not utilize SMS marketing often because they do not see the creative possibilities behind it. Here are 5 effective SMS marketing promotion ideas in order to maximize revenue. 

1. Utilizing Discounts and Sales

Incentives are the most effective way to encourage customers to make a purchase, especially when creating regular campaigns that incorporate discounts and sales. Trumpia’s elite features also help us stand apart from the competition. Utilizing our powerful omni-channel feature, companies can include multimedia images like pictures and videos in order to advertise better deals.

2. Content and Event Promotion

Many companies know that the difficulty in publishing website content is finding ways to market it. With so many industries posting millions of blog posts a day, it is easy for your content to get lost in the shuffle. SMS marketing is a great way to remedy this issue. By connecting contacts to blogs, resources, and even social media, you can boost website traffic and click rates. Incorporating Trumpia’s drip campaigns can even allow organizations to methodically send messages to contacts at specific intervals, ensuring maximum interaction.

Example: “We just published our top 7 recommended SMS marketing strategies: see the link below!” “(02/19/2020) Make sure to click that link to see our recent community engagement efforts!” Link here:” 

3. Fun and engaging sweepstakes or contests

Sweepstakes are a great way to increase excitement and most importantly, encourage new subscribers. When people are offered a chance to enter a free giveaway or contest, most people share with their friends and community out of excitement. People can simply prompt others to subscribe using mobile keywords via text in order to engage them. Furthermore, these promotions are a great opportunity to use joint partnerships and integrate with other software, promoting helpful partnerships that connect others’ audiences.

Examples: “Reply with YES in order to enter and receive a chance to win access to this company’s software”

4. Request a Review 

Increase your company’s reviews, search visibility, and overall status by asking for reviews from subscribers. You can even automate surveys to increase ratings on review sites. So if customers say that they have had a good experience, you can send them a link encouraging them to leave a review on Yelp. If they had a bad experience, you can automatically choose to not send that link, and instead have a manager talk to them so that they can air their grievances privately, rather than damaging your reputation. 

Example: “How would you rate us out of 10?” “Any suggestions?”

5. Collect Data

Polls and surveys are excellent resources for capturing data. Trumpia uses this data in order to activate our Smart Targeting feature, which allows companies to create Dynamic filters, separate contacts into distribution groups, and send relevant messages based on interests and history. All in all, this data will allow for high response rates, which can translate into clear action items. 

If you need more guidance, don’t miss any other Trumpia blogs in order to follow up with the latest SMS texting tips for advice. You can also call or text us to speak to an expert today!


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