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4 Powerful Text Marketing Campaign Examples

Posted by Jason Park on Nov 17, 2021


Here are four of the best ways you can design your campaign around Text Marketing.

Contrary to popular opinion, people WANT to be hearing from the businesses and companies that they are interested in. While many companies believe otherwise, the truth is that the more interactive content you give your audience, the more likely they are to engage with your brand at a higher level.


Yet even though so many people want engaging content, so many companies are driving people away with boring and dry campaigns, or campaigns that are meaningless. Sometimes, sending messages without any clear purpose or vision is more detrimental than not sending anything at all. Start with a powerful and strategic plan to get your Text Marketing plan off and running. Once you lock that down, make sure you start using all the features that we have to offer including:


  • Our automation tools, which allow you to pre schedule messages, send messages as a timed interval, or even pre-save messaging templates that you can load up instantly.


  • Send messages to people based on different metrics such as lead scoring to award behaviors, or check up on people who you have not heard from in a while.


  • Send more than words through MMS which allows you to send pictures, videos, and more.
  • Collect contacts easily through keywords which can be designated to separate distribution groups and messaging branches.


All of this is what Trumpia has to offer you when you are trying to engage your customers or clientele today. If you need creative campaign examples to start implementing now, check out some of these ways you can use our software:


  • Send deals and promotions: Send so much more than simple mobile coupons or discounts. Utilize contests, secret or exclusive previews, and more in order to make your deals different and engaging.


  • Geo - specific messages: Focus your branding and content depending on the region you are a part of. Certain areas and demographics will desire different things out of your product or company. Targeting them will ensure better results every single time



  • Combining with email and other forms of communication: These days, having a multi-channel approach is one of the best ways to strengthen your marketing program. If you are not funneling your content and communication through multiple different streams, you are losing chances at exposure.


  • Appointment confirmations and reminders: if you have recurring clients or customers, make sure that you are sending them reminders of their appointments. People are busy and sometimes forgetful and missing out on an appointment can cost companies both time and money.


If you are a company in dire need of a new and fresh campaign strategy, start using these ideas today. If you have any questions, please reach out to us if you want to learn more!

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