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Engaging New and Existing Customers with SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on May 14, 2021

Engage new and existing clients with the following SMS texting tips. 

Sometimes, marketing strategies can feel stale and tedious when companies and businesses approach it with no game plan. Even worse, people settle on repeating marketing strategies or sending out cold emails and posts in order to just fulfill a quota. And, even when businesses capitalize on a lead, laziness causes companies to lose clients they secure. 

Trumpia’s goal is to see your business work smart, rather than waste time and effort in menial tasks. Our SMS texting technology is a powerful, effective way of increasing the number of leads and helping customers stay engaged. 

We recommend the following tips and tricks for those who are interested in using SMS texting for their next marketing campaign for either new or existing customers. 


Finding New Leads:

These are some important concepts to keep in mind as you begin to market to new customers.

  • Target, Target, Target
    • Know your audience. Know what they want. Know your product. These are the basics to any effective marketing campaign. Yet so often people are advertising in areas where they are not likely to get any leads or generate interest. Think about it - if you were advertising winter jackets in Los Angeles, you might generate less sales than if you were selling winter jackets in Rochester, New York. Trumpia suggests using the following features in our software in order to boost your campaign visibility:
      • Data Capture: Collect meaningful information about your customers through text messaging.
      • Smart Targeting: Use the collected data in order to send relevant messages to people who would be interested
  • Pinpoint a Marketing Strategy or Campaign
    • Next, you need to make a choice. What is the strategy or campaign that you want to implement in order to reach your targeted customers. This is where creativity and innovation come into play. What will separate you from the competition and make your product desirable and your company interesting? 
  • Automate
    • Finally, allow Trumpia to do the work for you. Many companies find the idea of manually sending out each text message to be a daunting task. We understand that. Trumpia’s powerful Automation feature allows companies to analyze collected data in order to create distribution lists. Our software then interacts with subscribers for you, branching down different message paths depending on the data you have collected, how they respond to your questions, and many other criteria you can customize.


Existing Customers

If you find difficulty in keeping your customers interested in your product and business, follow these suggestions to help shake things up!

  • Boosting Customer Interaction
    • This first advice is a timeless strategy - why? Because customers want and need to know that you care about them. They want messages to feel highly personalized and relevant. Also, customer interaction is helpful for you and your company as well. How else will you be able to receive unfiltered, honest feedback? Increase interactions with your existing customers with: 
      • Polls
      • Q&A
      • Updates and Information
      • Sweepstakes and rewards 
  • Utilizing Texting as Customer Service
    • Have someone supplement automated messages by responding to any problems and frustrations by customers in real time. There is nothing more frustrating as a customer than poor customer support, especially when I had to stay by my phone for 30 minutes on hold. By utilizing the ease of text messaging, you can allow customers to feel cared for.
  • Send multimedia link
    • Trumpia also features MMS messaging as one of our many features. Send videos, pictures, and even sound in order to make messages more fun and engaging. 


Use these tips and tricks in order to generate leads and engagement today!

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