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No, Don't Make Credit Card Transactions With SMS

Posted by Justin McIntire on Aug 08, 2019

Your daughter’s car breaks down. If they need to borrow some money to pay the tow truck driver the easiest way would seem to be texting them your credit or debit card info and then telling them to delete it afterward. This seems harmless, and you trust your daughter. But this method is far from airtight, as the era of data breaches or phone theft is upon us.

In this blog we want to cover why you shouldn't send sensitive information via text, and then give you some great alternatives so that you can conduct transactions more safely.


Don’t Share Credit Card Information Via Text

There are simply too many risks when you send sensitive information in text messages. The recipient could misuse the information, someone with access to their device could also misuse it, or the device can even be hacked or stolen, exposing you and your friends information. If this information gets into the hands of a hacker, your information could be distributed or sold online  via the dark web or even hacker message boards. So instead of taking a picture of your credit cards (or other documents) or texting account numbers what can you do?

There are plenty of apps out there for secure messaging. Apps like KeeperChat, Telegram and Confide are advertised as safe alternatives because of their encryption and the multiple methods required to verify a users identity. While this is certainly better than just texting someone your credit card number, there is always the possibility of data breaches that can expose even the most seemingly secure systems (case in point: Equifax).


Use Payment Apps Instead

People sometimes need to borrow money or split the bill at a restaurant. Apps like Venmo PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay and Google Pay have all thrown their hat in the ring to fill this need, and with a lot of success. If someone needs to borrow money from you (like your daughter needing to pay for a tow truck) using one of these apps is the most secure way to send them money because you set the amount and can always dispute charges that don't seem right.

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