How Auto Dealers Benefit From Text Messaging

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Auto Dealers Benefits From Text Messaging

Selling cars can be a real stop and go business, and it can be hard to know when you need to give your business a little gas. Running a dealership can be a lot of hard work, and great dealers know that communicating with your customers is key to getting them to become repeat buyers. That's where text messaging for automotive dealers comes in, as it is the best channel for reaching your customers.

We’ve collected some of the best tips and tricks that our Auto Dealer customers have used to really see their service kick into sixth gear!

Streamline Operations

Text messages allow you to easily take care of repetitive chores that may be stalling your excellent service. You can send reminders for scheduled test drives so that you don't have a salesman waiting, or you can send automatic lease or payment reminders so that you keep your gas tanks full.

If you choose a provider like Trumpia, you can use automate text for your daily tasks to save time. We can automatically send a follow up text a week after a test drive or send out payment reminders, allowing you to have more time to move your inventory.

Better Auto Auctions

Auto auctions are more and more common nowadays, but the traditional channels of email and advertising are not good enough. With SMS messaging, you can easily promote your auctions to your customers and be confident they are seeing your messages. You can go a step further and set up mobile keywords that customers can text in, allowing you to save their information based off of what kind of auction they are interested in. Then you can send a text message to those customers with relevant auction reminders.

Quickly Communicate About Recalls

Car recalls are thankfully less common nowadays, but when they happen it can be a headache to get in touch with all of your customers. Emails are rarely opened, and even if they are it is not immediate enough if there is a safety risk.

Due to their 98% read rate, text messages are the best way that auto dealers can quickly get in touch with their customers to ensure that their customers are aware of the recall and coordinate when the customer needs to bring in their car for service.

Promote Your Sales

Looking to promote your holiday sales or move your dealer overstock? Text messaging is simply the best way to promote your upcoming sales. Text messaging allows you to easily message customers who are interested in information about new models and pre-order deals.

Customers that may be browsing might be waiting on deals, and text messages are the best way for dealerships to reach out with personalized offers to those customers. All of this means you will be getting cost effective and advertising to the customers most likely to convert to sales, allowing you to get more people in the door and help you close more sales!

Coordinate and Give Repair Updates

Dealerships often have the best mechanics in the business, but they can easily get swamped. Communicating with your customers is key if you want them to return, and text messaging easily allows you to send your customers estimated repair dates and give them pricing quotes. In fact, 42 percent of car buyers already say they prefer to text with dealerships or repair shops, rather than call.

Get Better Feedback

Want to make sure your customers are satisfied with your salesman and mechanics service? SMS surveys are the best tool for feedback because they have a much higher response rate than email, and if you choose a provider that can send them automatically you will get far more responses.


Are you an auto dealer looking for a text messaging service? Click here to find out more on how you can make your sales fast AND furious!


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