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How Food Banks Can Benefit From Texting Right Now

Posted by Justin McIntire on Apr 08, 2020



In light of the pandemic, more and more people are turning to food banks to make sure they can feed their families. With COVID-19 forcing so many food banks to quickly adapt to higher demand, Trumpia has teamed up with our customers to lend a helping hand by sharing how texting can successfully tackle their newfound challenges: In this blog we w

ill cover how texting for food banks is a win-win and share how some of our awesome food bank customers are using texting to make a real difference.

Use Texting to Find Local Food Banks 

One of the common struggles of a food bank is that families don't know how or when to pick up supplies from their local food bank. Trumpia is the only automated solution that can help our food banks reach people who need to find their nearest location automatically. For example:

  1. Someone texts in a keyword.
  2. Our system asks them for their Zip Code.
  3. Based on their response, our system automatically sends them the addresses of the three nearest food bank locations.

Food banks in Georgia, Arkansas, New Jersey, and California have used this solution and found resounding success. It’s also especially helpful for low-income families because they might not have a data plan and our solution doesn't need them to have one.


Secure More Donations with Texting

With most food banks seeing increased demand, they need increased funding to serve their community. In fact often just one dollar can lead to four meals, so it’s important to get donations quickly and effectively. Luckily it’s as easy as setting up a keyword. Members of the public can text a keyword and can reply with a link to their donation page, allowing you to get more donations no matter where they are.

Trumpia’s text messaging software can then send reminders if they haven't donated, or send messages thanking them for their donations and telling them how their donation has helped. This can lead to further donations in the future. 


Stay Connected with Your Community

Texting is perfect for sending updates on location hours or events and even sending shoutouts to volunteer achievements. If you use a service like Trumpia, you can learn more about your volunteers and send them opportunities relevant to their interests or schedule. Once the crisis has passed, it’s still great for the success of your food bank that your community knows they have a great local resource they can access when they need it.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe during this challenging time. If you have any questions, talk to one of our experts by clicking the button below.  You can also learn more about how other food banks have used Trumpia by clicking here.

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