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How Mass Text Helps Real Estate Agents Promote Their Listings

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Feb 13, 2018

real estate uses bulk sms for listings

Good real estate agents work hard to connect individual property seekers with their dream home, and luckily there are usually plenty of matches to be made. However, the modern competitive marketplace requires professionals to think at a larger scale, and figure out how to connect hundreds of individuals with different pieces of property. It also requires agents to think fast, since some deals can come and go in a hurry, especially in hot markets.

So tools that allow them to be responsive and also keep in contact with potential buyers and sellers could be a winner. Implementing mass text is one way to send out quick notes to people about activity in the market and send up-to-the-minute listing information.

You can invite current and potential clients to sign up for your mass text messaging service, and even put subscription information on your signage and marketing materials. This includes mobile keywords, which your clients can text in to receive information about a specific area or listing. You can, and should, still contact individuals as needed, but as far as day-to-day communication, a bigger list helps keep your business moving.

Here are a few ways to make mass text messaging work for you:

Mass SMS Can Improve How You List New Property

When you’re trying to interest people in signing up for your services, it helps to tell them exactly what they are signing up for. For most common purposes, bulk texting and SMS mass texting are similar – you’re sending one text out to dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of people. You don’t necessarily want everyone to text you back, although you wouldn’t mind if a few people at a time contacted you for a follow up.

Customers in the market for something love learning what’s new. Even though some listings have been around for awhile, it can also be exciting to find out updates. And although other agents may be on similar lists like MLS, not every customer has quick and easy access to these. This is part of the service a good real estate professional can provide. In your texts that link to listings, be sure to include why you provide them: hopefully your loyalty will be returned in terms of future business.

Inform Buyers of Similar Listings With Targeted Bulk SMS

Along with letting people know what just came onto the market, clients might be interested in properties that have some common features but some differences to other ones that have already been presented. Maybe slightly different floor plan or features, maybe prices that are slightly higher or lower, These could be good options to put in front of people who may like most things about a previous listing but are open to other properties. If you choose an intelligent SMS platform, like Trumpia, you can create highly targeted lists so you can segment your customers and send them the most relevant listings to their preferences.

Then, you can either send a text to the entire list or create smaller lists by creating filters. This allows you to only send your customers relevant listings and in turn decreases your opt-out rates. For instance, real estate professionals can maintain different lists for different parts of a region, different styles of property (new/older, commercial/residential, single family/multi-family) or price range.

Advertise Rental Listings With Mass SMS

Renters sometimes have different priorities in what they want in a property compared to a prospective homeowner. As a real estate agent, you should send relevant offers to renters so that you get your openings filled quickly. An intelligent SMS service like Trumpia can even get you more information from potential renters automatically, meaning you can tailor your messages and listings to fit the needs of your renters automatically. Plus, now that you have your renter’s contact information it makes collecting rent or coordinating repairs a snap!

Improve How Your Agency Communicates Internally With SMS

A mass texting program can share information about what’s happening with the entire company. If you’re part of a regional or national group, you can share information about national real estate trends or how active your peers are. It reminds them that they can always get help or message to you.

Boost Open House Attendance With Mass Texting

Telling people by text “Come see the house this Thursday!” can be a fun invitation to your clients. Even if you’re not the host, but your company is, it could be a good opportunity to connect and show people a beautiful property. You can attach photos of it as well in the text, meaning you will cast a wider net and get more interested parties. Plus you can add links to your texts directly, so buyers can look at the listing or get directions while on-the-go.


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Send Out Instant Price Change Alerts to Interested Buyers

Everyone likes a good deal and the opportunity to save even more money, so telling your SMS subscribers about a “quick price drop” might get people especially excited. 90% of texts are also read within 3 minutes, meaning your client will be the first to be alerted to the price drop, and be able to move quickly on it. A significant drop can even apply pressure for someone to move fast.

For more suggestions on helping real estate customers via mass texting, click here!


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