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How SMS Can Improve Communications For Your IT Department

Posted by Doug Frazier on Aug 22, 2017

SMS Improves IT Department Communications

In today’s digital world, IT problems can bring your entire business to a halt. That’s why getting essential information to the right people will resolve these issues much faster and minimize your downtime. Using text message to quickly communicate this information can supercharge your IT department’s ability to address issues in real-time. Here are five ways that implementing a complete SMS software solution can help you improve communication for your IT department:

Send Alerts To The Right Employees

Notifying affected individuals of technical problems is essential for dealing with any IT emergency. Scheduling text messages to be sent when certain events occur creates an effective contingency plan for any IT issue. For example, if the internet goes out, you can send a mass text to your entire company or specific departments to notify them of network outages and upcoming maintenance.

To better address specific issues, you want to send critical alerts to the right employees and avoid alerting unaffected employees. By filtering your employees into distribution lists based on their specific department, you can improve your employee communication by send critical alerts to only affected members. For example, if there is a problem with your customer support line, then everyone on your customer support list will receive a notification explaining the problem and estimated time of resolution.


View Our Critical Alerts Page!

Protect Your Business

Cyberattacks are becoming the number one threat to businesses. From malware, DDoS, and phishing, having a consistent company policy for addressing cyberattacks can help your employees avoid becoming a victim. In a quick bulk text, you can send your new company policies or updates on the latest cyberattacks to maximize the effectiveness of your anti-cyberattack plans.

A Better Way To Onboard

The first step in onboarding new employees is getting their workstations and accounts set up. Sending a text with that information or a link to set up instructions is the fastest and easiest way of getting them onboarded efficiently. New employees are almost guaranteed to have technical questions during onboarding. Relying solely on email could make you miss out on a majority of your new employees’ questions. Most people are excited when they receive a text and 98% of texts are opened, which makes texting a low-stress and surefire way of following up with new hires.

Quickly Answer Questions

Quickly responding to your employees’ time-sensitive IT questions is nearly impossible to keep up with over email, especially as it takes an average of 90 minutes to respond. However, a text message software for IT departments gives a speedy response rate of 90 seconds. This means switching from email to texting can give you much faster response time and drastically improve communication between IT and other departments. Enabling your employees to ask questions through texting saves time and manpower while giving your employees easy-to-follow answers to their questions.

Answering your employees questions over the phone can often be a waste of company time. Instead of costing $6-$20 a call, you can have a speedy text conversation that costs pennies on the dollar. You can’t have multiple phone conversations at once, but with texting you can! Being able to respond at anytime and from anywhere ultimately frees up phone lines and saves your company money.

It’s also convenient because you can use your existing business phone number to send messages to employees, otherwise known as landline texting. Not only will you not have to use your personal number when communicating with employees, but you will be easily accessible because employees will already know your existing business number.

Improve Scheduling

Scheduling maintenance around the office can be challenging to coordinate. By sending a quick text to your IT department, you can schedule maintenance over text rather than over a phone call or email. Maintenance staff can send a confirmation text to notify them of their appointment time, allowing both parties to get back to work as soon as possible.


Your IT department is the cornerstone in improving the overall workflow of your business. Texting can streamline the way your IT department addresses issues, informs employees, and schedules maintenance, and it won't break the bank! Click here to find out more ways that texting can improve how your IT department communicates.

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