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How Text to Vote Can Boost Your Business

Posted by Justin McIntire on Jun 17, 2020


Getting feedback is extremely useful for collecting customer data, gathering employee feedback, and maximizing your service. By using Text to vote your company can dramatically  increase the volume and quality of the feedback you get. Here’s how to get started:


Text To Vote for Marketing

Marketers find surveys useful in terms of getting customers to volunteer their information and preferences. Retailers use them to extract useful data while learning what people like and dislike about particular services or products.

However, if surveys are boring, take too long to complete, or interfere with other activity, they will never be finished. Consequently, online surveys only get a 10% response rate, whereas an immediate, on-the-go method like text surveys can typically garner up to a 50% response rate. 

Some surveys focus only on certain types of households, incomes, age or demographic groups, which gives inconsistent responses based on the delivery method. In contrast everyone has a phone, so sending an SMS survey will get you far more responses, and far more quickly.


Text To Vote for Employee Communication

Internally companies have found numerous benefits from sending text surveys to their staff. Implementing an SMS service for your company’s surveys makes getting employee feedback quick and easy. Simply set up the survey, send it to your employees, then sit back and relax as results are automatically tracked and recorded. If you use a SMS service like Trumpia you can view your text to vote results in real time and use our analytics to learn more about your employees and their habits

This also means you no longer have to rely on tallying up responses or manually collecting paper ballots. No screening is necessary either, as your pool of text to voters consists of your existing employee database.


Ways to Use Text To Vote

If you’re looking for ways to engage with your employees and customers, here are a few:


Send Employees Text to Vote Surveys

Companies can invite their staff to share their ideas on how conditions can be improved, new products to try, ways to cut costs, and other feedback. Submissions are kept anonymous, so the feedback is guaranteed to be useful and genuine. By setting up different mobile keywords or numbers to text, companies can effectively track results based on specific departments. Once everyone completes the survey, results can be sent anonymously to maintain the confidentiality of your employees while keeping them informed.

An immediate way to collect votes is useful during meetings, where real-time answers can be displayed anonymously with Text To Vote. Decisions such as which logo to use or what sales pitch they like most can be quickly and discreetly voted on. Employees will not be influenced by other people if that survey is anonymous, so you will get the best and most accurate feedback during important meetings.

Employers can also leverage incentives to encourage participation – like conducting a drawing for prizes among everyone who completed the text to vote survey, or a fun company-wide promotion like a pizza party if enough people participate.  An auto-response can even be sent whenever an employee completes a survey giving them an entry to a raffle.

Contacting employees through SMS and asking their opinion is proven to be effective since many prefer this type of communication, especially among millennials, as 75% prefer texts instead of phone calls. Asking employees to write down their ideas or call to provide suggestions for some of the above areas can be quite time-consuming, when compared to a purely text to vote based approach.

Poll Your Customers with Text To Vote

Text-to vote is quickly becoming the premier way to get customer feedback, as customers can respond to a quick text to vote survey in minutes, no matter where they are. With so many customers relying on their mobile devices everywhere they go, using SMS surveys is the best way to reach your customers. With the ease in which a customer can answer a survey using their mobile device, you are more likely to receive valuable feedback from your customers. 

When you need a solution for your business that focuses on real time feedback from your customers, using SMS surveys is the key to getting the job done. With more and more people relying on their mobile devices, you will get the feedback you want so that you can change your business practices to meet the needs of your customers. SMS surveys are an important tool that allows you to ask your customers just about anything, and receive results within minutes of sending out the survey.

You can even get more responses than average if you offer an incentive. Telling customers that they will get a coupon for 15% off their next purchase or some other incentive for just completing a 3 minute text to vote survey lowers the barrier of entry and gets you more results.

Interested on how texting can help your business? Click on the link below to speak to one of our Trumpia experts! 

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