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How To Keep Your Employees Safe & Up To Date With A Text Alert System

Posted by Justin McIntire on Mar 18, 2020


In light of recent events around the world, many companies have turned to text messaging services like Trumpia in order to communicate with their employees faster and more efficiently. Whether it’s sharing emergency information, notifying of critical events, or providing consistent communication during emergencies, utilizing SMS for emergency situations can maximize employee safety.

We wanted to share a quick how-to guide on using a texting system for internal alerts to help you keep your employees safe while still keeping productivity intact.


Sign Employees Up For Alerts

Before you can send employees text messages, the law requires that they opt-in to receive your internal communications. Fortunately there are a few quick and effective ways to do this:

  1.  Create a mobile keyword that employees can text in to join your internal messaging list.
  2.  Software like Trumpia can even ask questions like their location or job title, so you can send more relevant information later on.
  3.  Make sure employees know about this keyword by telling them verbally or sending it via company memos and emails.
  4.  Online signup pages also allow you to opt employees in to receive internal communications while simultaneously gathering more information about them like their name, contact information, and more.


Send Internal Messages

With texting’s 98% read rate, nothing beats it for immediate alerts and updates to your employees.

  • When you’ve built your list of employees, it’s important that you only send messages that are relevant.
  • With Trumpia’s Smart Targeting, send alerts to the right employees so you only notify those affected without needlessly worrying others who are unaffected. 
  • For example, if only your California location needs to shut down, alert those employees in your LA office but not employees who work in Atlanta.
  • Just in case some employees don’t check their phone or only use email, send important messages via text, email, and voice broadcast.

Share Essential Policy Changes and Track Who Clicks Them

Updating company policies quickly is an essential part of maximizing productivity. And with 90% of all texts being read within 3 minutes of delivery, nothing works quite as well for immediate communication. As employees suddenly need to work from home for extended periods of time, ensure your entire workforce has read your alerts by sending text notifications with links to new company policies and tips on staying safe. A provider like Trumpia can even track whether they’ve clicked or not, automatically sending reminders or additional messages to those who haven’t a few days later. This ensures see your information, even if they were too busy the first time and forgot to click.

These are some of the ways that Trumpia can help you manage your employees during the months ahead. As always, Trumpia is committed to helping our customers get the most out of our software during times of calm and turmoil.

Are you looking to add texting to your internal communications? Click on the link below to talk to one of our experts.

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