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Email Marketing: Is it worth it?

Posted by Justin McIntire on Feb 27, 2019

email marketing


It can seem counter intuitive to marketers to use something like email marketing when they themselves rarely ever open one of those emails. But no matter how strange it sounds, one thing is for sure: email marketing still gets results. The reason is simple: the stats show that email isn't just effective, but that it has a massive ROI.

Let’s look at the stats. There are more than 74 trillion emails sent every year! The numbers will be even higher in 2018, as the latest email statistics report from the Radicati Group shows people will send and receive 281 billion emails a day, with 3.8 billion email users worldwide expected by the end of the year. In five years, that number is expected to be over 333 billion emails sent!

So why does this matter for email marketing? Over 85% of US adults use their email daily, meaning a well crafted marketing email can have an enormous audience. Since emails are so effective and require such a small investment, their ROI cannot be denied. In this blog we will cover five of the most convincing reasons you should still use email marketing to reach your audience and build your brand.

Email is Dominant Among Businesses

Over 95% of business professionals use email, making it the most effective channel for business-to-business marketing. But DMA Insight says that 53% of email users also say that they get far too many spam emails from companies that are trying to market to them. What does this mean? If you are using email marketing and want your messages to stay out of a spam folder, you need a way to personalize your offers so consumers don't block your messages.

Email Marketing Beats Mail Every Time

“Snail Mail” marketing has been shown to be expensive and ineffective. Email has come to fill that gap, as it’s ROI is far higher. In fact, some estimates put the ROI on email marketing at $38 made to every $1 spent!

One thing that sets Trumpia apart from other email marketing services is that our all-in-one marketing solution allows you to take a cross-platform approach to email marketing by integrating mobile text, app, voice, or social channels into your marketing campaigns, letting you do even more without having to invest in ineffective direct mail marketing.

Content Is King

Marketers should also very concerned about email relevance. DMA Insight reports that only 38% of marketers think that they sometimes send irrelevant messages. And only 9 percent of marketers believed that all emails they sent were relevant. This is a problem, with consumers reporting spam more often and spam filters getting better at blocking “spammy” sounding messages from the get go.

Trumpia provides you with the tools you need to successfully develop and deliver your next email marketing campaign. In addition to personalization options, our email marketing services also include advanced scheduling options and optimization features that allow you to send messages with high deliverability. We also offer your brand analytics capabilities that allow you to track your email campaigns in real time.

Email Deals Can Be Very Effective

Consumers still redeem email offers, and often it’s because email is available on most mobile devices. The reason email is still around is also because it is evergreen. Everyone has an email account, but social media sites spring up and fall. That’s why the careful use of your email list is so important, as an opted-out customer isn't just one missed purchase, it can be dozens.

“Clean” Marketing Lists are More Effective

Sending the same message to all of your subscribers is not effective. In fact, many viewers may identify this type of behavior as spam and choose to unsubscribe from your brand’s emails if they do not find the content or promotions relevant to their needs and interests. The best way to ensure that you are delivering the right email message to the right reader is by a solution like Trumpia that can automatically segment your contact lists and sendi targeted messages and offers to each customer based on their purchasing history and identified interests.

Developing a clean marketing list also means getting rid of inaccurate or invalid email addresses. Some of the email addresses on your list could very well be inactive. If you want your email marketing campaigns to remain deliverable then you need to successfully manage your email list and refresh it from time to time.

How Different Industries Can Use Email Marketing

Retail Email Marketing

Providing your customers with excellent customer service and great deals is what retailers love doing, but getting them in the store is a challenge. That’s where email marketing comes in. Whether you are trying to reach new customers or just drum up business on a slow day, email promotions and coupons are the perfect way to reach your customers and get them to both your online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Restaurant Email Marketing

Whether it’s celebrating a holiday with a night out on the town, a popular sporting event, or a special anniversary to commemorate, there is always an opportunity to have a special promotion in order to get more business. When using email marketing, restaurants can share details of the upcoming special event, along with an email coupon for free appetizers or drink specials to quickly increase the foot traffic to your restaurant.

Email Marketing for Universities

Communicating effectively with your students is crucial for any school, but often students receive so many messages that they become victim to message fatigue. When you personalize and target your students based on what you know about them, you can send them more timely and relevant messages. Need to send a reminder to all of your incoming freshman to sign up for classes? Segment and message your desired audience, making sure to avoid sending irrelevant messages to the rest of your student body.

Sales Email Marketing

Don’t let a hot lead run cold. If you use an email marketing platform like Trumpia you can  automatically follow up with new leads and ask them questions in order to better qualify them. Our system can run a drip campaign to continue to nurture your leads through both text and email with follow up information so that the lead stays interested in your business.

Political Campaigns Email Marketing

No matter where you are in America, it always feels like election season. Whether it’s for a small office in a municipality or a nationwide campaign, organizers are turning to a surprising way to communicate with their supporters: email messages. That’s because using email marketing to engage supporters is still one of most effective ways to garner support and organize your base in order to get your candidate or cause into the spotlight.

Email Marketing for Churches

An email marketing and messaging platform can \help sustain consistent attendance, expand membership, and even facilitate fundraisers. Members can get a sneak preview of upcoming services by subscribing to your weekly email newsletter. Or boost turnout for scripture studies and special events like fundraisers by scheduling reminders via email.

Real Estate Email Marketing

For real estate agents, an empty open house is a waste of time and money. Traditional methods for reaching potential buyers like phone calls are time consuming. That’s why email marketing offers an exciting way to stay ahead of the competition. If you choose a marketing platform like Trumpia, you can even send text,social media, and voice messages, meaning your reach is even longer and your open properties are more likely to be filled.


Check back next week, as we’ll cover how SMS text marketing can also be used to get you amazing results. Click here to talk to one of our experts today! Or take a look at our free SMS Marketing Guide!

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