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Learn The Do's And Don'ts of SMS Marketing

Posted by Justin McIntire on Jul 13, 2018

Do's and Don'ts of SMS Marketing


SMS marketing is quickly becoming the go-to channel for big brands. In this post, we will be covering how some of the biggest brands are using text message marketing to win more customers, engage with their audience, and ultimately boost their brand’s image.

Some of the biggest brands (including the ones with advertising budgets that can afford super bowl commercials) are turning to mass SMS marketing. This is a great indicator that text messaging isn't just for personal communication anymore. A mass SMS advertising campaign is cheap, easy to setup, and gets the results that traditional advertisers often dream of.

So why texting when you have email, apps, or traditional advertisements? That because these methods have a proven track record of getting only a modest return on your advertising dollar. This pales in comparison to texting.

Particularly with email, response rates have continuously fallen, with some estimates saying they are already 43% less effective in just the past 5 years. Click through rates on emails have always been low, with most estimates hovering around 3% of links sent in emails actually being clicked!

Mobile apps and traditional advertising are falling by the wayside too. Almost a quarter of all apps are only used once, and about 80% of apps are uninstalled within 90 days of being downloaded. Mobile ads are also becoming less and less effective, as most consumers find them annoying or just use and adblocker to remove them outright.

So before we get to what brands should be doing to boost their image, lets cover what should be avoided.

Sending Unwanted Messages

Sending messages to customers without their consent is not only a bad strategy, it’s illegal! You  have to receive a customer’s explicit consent in order to start texting them. Luckily, there are some great ways to get your customer’s to opt-in to your messaging campaigns.

The first is a mobile keyword, which they can text in to in order to opt-in to receive your offers directly on their mobile phones. The other way to get consent is to have customers fill out a online signup page (OSP) to  state that they understand you may be sending them promotional offers that they are interested in.

Sending Texts at the Wrong Time

Sending a message too early or too late in the day can alienate your customers and lead to both opt-outs or complaints to your customer service team. With Trumpia, you can schedule your messages to be sent at the best possible time, automatically. So

if you want to send your holiday promotions to your customers, sending them during the morning might be more effective so customers can plan their shopping days and increase the likelihood they will make it into your stores.

How Big Brands are Using Trumpia’s Mobile Marketing

At Trumpia, major brands like Coca Cola, Ebay, and Kroger have turned to Trumpia for their mobile messaging needs because of our powerful automation tools and proven track record in creating winning marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to build your mobile brand, here are some ways that Trumpia can help you reach your goals.

Smart Targeting

Unlike simple bulk SMS solutions that only allow users to blast messages indiscriminately, Trumpia enables you to send tailored messages to the right person, at the right time, all automatically. For big brands, keeping customers is paramount, so targeted messages will help decrease opt outs.

Marketing Automation

With Trumpia, you can streamline operations and minimize human error through response-based and rule-based automation workflows that free up your employees to focus on more important tasks. You can even have responses to your announcements automatically captured, creating custom data fields for better targeting of your messages to customers and employees. Big brands are using this information to better target their messages and send promotions that make an impact on their revenue.

Landline Texting

Keep your customers happy by sending them the most relevant messages, responding instantly, and empowering customers to text you without having them call in or keep them on hold. With Landline Texting you can send and receive messages using your existing landline phone number, enabling contacts to text your business without having to disclose your personal mobile number.

Messages are stored in an online inbox so you can stay organized and search through conversation threads. This is great for customer services, and big brands are using this personalized touch to service to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

End-User Tools

Our system is cloud-based, meaning it is accessible from anywhere you have the internet, and offers a friendly user interface with an array of end-user tools like mobile keywords, picture messaging, voting, and reporting and analytics. Big brands need a platform that can scale to hundreds of thousands of users while still being user friendly, and that’s why they are turning to Trumpia!

Better Surveys for Better Feedback

Sending out a quick question or short survey about how your customer liked their product or service from their recent visit (best send within hours of their visit), can offer you valuable information about how your company is perceived in the eyes of your customers.

Trumpia’s intelligent branching SMS surveys go beyond simple “yes/no” questions and can help you get specific feedback in order to make a real difference in your service. It is easy for your customers to reply to these text surveys  instead of taking the time to initiate an email or phone call.

Omni-Channel Messaging

With a complete selection of communication channels including SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, big brands can cater to your subscribers’ preferences and ensure that they reach 100% of their audience.

Complete Lifecycle Engagement

Trumpia is a complete automated solution that allows you to engage your contacts through every stage of your relationship. From contact collection and automated nurturing, to conversion and gathering feedback, Trumpia uniquely offers a complete set of tools to bring big brands the highest ROI throughout the lifecycle of their customer experience.


As you can see, text message marketing is perhaps the best solution for an up and coming brand to get their name out there and create a loyal customer following. But don't do it alone! Trumpia has a team of experts ready to help you create winning campaigns and see an ROI that will make your head spin. Click here to talk to a Trumpia mobile marketing expert today!


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