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Using Location Based SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 07, 2022

Location Based Advertising is what your marketing teams need to be practicing already. Learn more about what it is here!

What is Location-Based SMS Texting? 

Location-Based SMS Texting is the idea that marketing is centered around the location of your subscriber and what is relevant to them in that location. This strategy of marketing hyper focuses your campaign to laser-like precision, making sure that your content is appealing and appropriate to your targeted audience. Because the reality is - who wants to receive random text messages in the modern age where SPAM texting is so prevalent? 


What are Some Relevant Use Cases?

Start by thinking about your target audience and the location they are in. Ask yourself the following questions - what are their demographics? What are their consuming patterns? Where do they often frequent? What are the hot and new stores that are taking over right now? These are important questions to ask yourself because the answer to those questions determines how you structure your marketing. 


For example, if a certain retailer is already prominent in a specific area, you want to be partnering with them. Develop a plan to start working with their marketing team by encouraging them to use SMS Texting technology. Start sending coupons for that store, advertise promotions and fun sweepstakes, and overall generate more exposure and excitement by increasing brand awareness.  You can target messages by Zip code so you can ensure you are only sending messages to subscribers in that area.


Why Trumpia?

Because Trumpia’s cutting-edge technology makes segmenting and targeting your communication even easier and more effective. We handle new lead generation by using our effortless online sign-up pages and our premiere keyword technology, where all interested users simply just need to text that keyword to a phone number in order to opt-in to messages. It is that simple. 


Next, you can also take advantage of the fact that our program can conveniently organize your contacts into what we call distribution lists. These lists are lists that you create ONCE, and you can organize them and title them to whatever you choose. This can help you save time by sending messages to groups of people with shared interests. We also have a myriad of tracking tools available to you so that you can focus on those who are losing interest or less engaged overall. 

All in all, if you are looking for a company to accomplish your Location-Based Advertising needs, look no further! Check out Trumpia and contact us today!

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