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Why Trumpia is the Best SMS Software to Use for 2022

Posted by Jason Park on Dec 30, 2021


See why you should use Trumpia for your SMS software needs for the 2022 year.

As the new year rolls around, so many businesses and people will be wanting to try out new things in order to maximize revenue and optimize their business strategies for the new year. With the pandemic still continuing on, it is forcing businesses to get crafty in their marketing efforts and strategies, opting towards contactless ways of communication and business. 


And this shift has already happened and is moving towards full force. Every major retailing company is now choosing to use e-commerce as their preferred shopping method. The healthcare industry is handling all non in-person activities remotely such as scheduling and more. And this isn’t even the start of all of the different industries using Trumpia for their benefit. 


With such an enormous demand for SMS texting software, we highly recommend using Trumpia as the premiere SMS software of 2022. Trumpia utilizes cloud-based text automation in order to send out mass messages which can incorporate text, email, and voice. Yet truly what makes us stand apart is our advanced targeting technology, automation tools, and pre-built use cases from years of being with the industry. Here are some other resources you have at your disposal when using Trumpia:


  • Access to Powerful Tools: These tools include seamless contact management and collection tools through the power of keywords and online sign up pages. Both of these makes contact subscription effortless, which is a task that is so daunting for so many different companies. 


  • Ability to use Automated Workflows: And the best part, no coding is needed! Instead, we have prebuilt tools on our intuitive UI that allows you to create different messaging paths, send recurring messages, and even create messaging templates that all are able to send on their own without your manual intervention!


  • Focus on Subscribers with our Targeting Tools: Trumpia offers tracking tools that are able to collect meaningful data on your subscribers including metrics like click through tracking and more. You can opt to send messages only to those that need it, avoiding unnecessary messages which can actually work to your detriment instead. 


  • Create Multi Channel Streams of Communication: Trumpia allows you to have access to voice, email, and SMS all through one platform, keeping things simple and organized. This is all possible because of a dedicated inbox which stores all messages. And the beauty of our system is that messages go two ways - not only can you send messages to subscribers, but they can text you back, proving useful for so many different campaigns. 


These are some of the best reasons to use Trumpia for 2022. If you are still not convinced, see how you can upgrade your Trumpia package by having access to so many more resources, helping you build out your company to its fullest potential!

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