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How to Personalize SMS Marketing Messages

Posted by Trumpia on Jul 13, 2021

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Having a personalized marketing strategy can make all the difference for businesses looking to make the most of their SMS software.

We live in a unique time where businesses are constantly taking new approaches for their marketing strategies. Today’s digital age is chock full of digital marketing tactics, but some of them may seem disingenuous or even spammy. Customers appreciate meaningful interactions with brands and businesses. Help your clients feel more valued by personalizing the SMS marketing messages you send to them. Here’s how:

Start by Collecting Data

The first step in personalizing text messages for marketing is to gather the data necessary for customized messages. At a bare minimum, this includes:

  • Phone number
  • First Name (last name optional)
  • Birthday
  • Zip Code

More advanced personalized messages might include information like a shipping/tracking number or details about a product/services the client may be interested in. If you have an advanced texting solution like Trumpia we can automatically gather more information for you by asking questions and capturing their answers.

Segment Data into Lists

Use the data you have amassed for your personalized SMS marketing strategy into to segment contacts into different lists. Some suggestions for segmented lists include:

  • All opt-in subscribers
  • Geographic location
  • Age or Gender
  • Product type they’re interested in

Once you have these segments, personalizing SMS messages will become easier. Trumpia can automatically segment your messaging lists for you, saving you time and letting you better personalize your messages. 

Create Content for Personalized SMS Marketing

Here is the fun part! With lists organized into segments, you can now create campaigns to specifically target each segment. Even better, you can use merge tags to insert custom information into the various fields. For example, you could write a message that says, “Hi [Name]. We’re having a sales event in [Location]. See you there!

What to Avoid with Personalized SMS Marketing

Custom messages seem relatively straightforward, but there are certain pitfalls businesses must avoid during this process. 

Don’t Over-Personalize SMS Messages

While customers generally appreciate their first name being mentioned or a company remembering their birthday, too much information can also be a negative thing. Make sure to only include information that the customer has shared with your business as it pertains to their interaction with the business. Keep all messaging related to services, products, or promotions. 

Make Sure All Information is Correct

Mistakes happen but sending a customer a text message and using the wrong name or gender are classic mistakes to avoid. Customers want to feel special; getting their name wrong may not only confirm their suspicion that the message sent was robotic but may also sour their perception of the company as a whole. Double (or triple) check that all information is accurate before sending a business text message.

Keep Records Up to Date

Avoid customer frustration by keeping all records accurate and up to date. From contact information to shipping information to product details, it is important to make sure that customers do not have to do any extra leg work. Be sure to update records as customers purchase new products or services or leave reviews. Rewarding them for their loyalty and staying in contact along the way will help promote customer retention.

Find out more about personalizing SMS messages as part of your overall SMS Marketing strategy. Reach out to us at Trumpia today! 

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