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Using Mass Texting to Coordinate Events

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 07, 2022

Planning events can be simplified by using SMS texting to organize all of your communication.

When coordinating a special event with so many different moving parts and logistical pieces, it can be a daunting task for any organizing committee. And unless you have perfect attention to detail – which is impossible – you are bound to make mistakes or forget to do some things in the process.


SMS Texting can save your next event and any future occasion you and your company might have. SMS Texting, especially with Trumpia, ensures that communication with your staff and with guests is crystal clear, eliminating any possibility of confusion. If you are in the nonprofit industry or you’re just simply hosting a company event, use SMS Texting for the following use cases:


Organize and Schedule Teams

Finding enough people to help serve at large scale events can be a daunting task. While there is an expectation for any paid staff to already be there, you also need to rely on the attendance of precious volunteers who often drive events. You can start to corral that kind of manpower by simply sending out a text message and asking for a response from those that can serve. Because Trumpia allows two-way texting, all your volunteers and staff need to do is send a text back.


You can also create separate distribution lists that categorizes your volunteers and staff by teams, age, and whatever parameter you want to send. This can allow you to make hyper focused invitations while organizing who is serving where.


Boosting Attendance

The next step in building any successful event is that you need guests themselves to show up. You want to fill out your venue not only to accomplish certain goals, but to celebrate and enjoy the night together. SMS texting makes event sign ups easier through our keyword technology, QR codes, and online sign-up pages. Rather than having potential guests sign up through complicated and long forms, you can instead use these simple sign-up methods which often requires very little effort.  


Sending Updates

Considering COVID-19, this is a very important use case for utilizing SMS texting in your event planning. You can send constant real time updates regarding the status of the event which can include potential outbreaks, safety concerns, weather concerns, and more. You can even use it to send updates about your company or business outside of the event, which can help increase the public’s exposure to your product or service.


All in all, use SMS texting today for your event planning needs. Learn also about our advance automation features that can simplify the work and use cases that you just read about by letting our system run your campaigns on autopilot.

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