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Using QR Codes For Communication

Posted by Jason Park on Nov 24, 2021


Learn how you can use QR codes for your SMS texting program today.

What are QR codes?

QR codes stand for “quick response” codes, which are a type of barcode made specifically for mobile devices. QR codes are essentially scannable links that capture the address of the browser you are trying to go to. Now that anyone can use their cell phone’s camera to scan a QR code, it has become a powerful and useful tool in the modern age.


Especially today, where online, contact-less communication is the far more popular method of communication, QR codes have started to pop up everywhere. Businesses are using them to highlight their products, handle their ordering, or even lead people to websites where they can complete a series of calls to actions. QR codes have been such a useful tool, with so many different types of use cases. And while many people do not know, you can actually use QR codes to send SMS texts.


There are a lot of benefits of using QR codes to send messages. Incorporating QR codes with your current Trumpia SMS marketing campaign will allow you to increase contact subscription or even create more exciting and interesting content. Because QR codes let you link other websites, you can use SMS texting in order to guarantee click through rates and read rates, while encouraging people to check out separate content or complete a task. All in all, QR codes will help ensure that conversions are actually interacting with your business. 


How do you set up QR codes?

Nowadays, technology has made setting up a QR code very easy. Not only can you search up free QR code generators online, but you can also take advantage of Trumpia’s free QR code creating capabilities. Simply create a distribution group or marketing campaign through your account, and every single group gets its own dedicated QR code. That way, whenever anyone opts-in to messages through that code, they will be receiving messages for that group exclusively. 


After you create that distribution group or new campaign, make sure you download the QR code that comes with it. This QR code will come as a free image that you can keep forever - this image will not expire and you can keep using it until the campaign ends.


All people have to do is point their camera towards the code, and it will automatically take them to a link where you are trying to lead them to. In this case, it will allow them to fill out their information in order to sign up for messages, while handling compliance. 


Start using QR codes today in order to watch your call to action items actually get completed. Incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy will ensure better results, and is a great way to supplement your SMS marketing efforts.

If you’re still not convinced, try asking one of our account managers in order to see how it works!

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