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Examples of Good Reviews to Feature

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 19, 2022

Learn how a good review can completely change the direction of your company during the new year!

In the modern age, online reviews reign supreme when customers are trying to decide what product or service to engage with. If you think about it, the last couple of purchases you made were probably informed by someone else’s opinion or review, because the reality is, no one is going to try something that people don’t rave about. 


Therefore, businesses need good reviews and customer feedback in order to thrive. In fact, having a negative review about your business can be one of the most discouraging and offensive things any company can read about. How do you avoid getting negative reviews in the first place? It’s by caring. If you truly care about the quality of your product or service, it is going to show in every aspect of your business model. You will always be striving to improve, and you will always be trying to show your customers that their opinion matters. 


How do you start collecting good reviews in the first place? Well, SMS texting, especially with Trumpia, makes review collection very easy.


When using our software to gather meaningful feedback from your customers, all you need to do is simply ask a question. It is easier to refer to your list of contacts that you already collected (if you haven't, we recommend reading blogs about our contact collection tools such as our keyword technology blogs). From there, all you simply have to do is ask them for their opinions on your service or product. And because SMS texting is a two-way conversation between you and your contacts, you can decide which comment or feedback you want to feature. If for say you really are pleased with a certain review, you can send a link to a popular review website, asking them to feature your company or business. Offer incentives like mobile deals in order to entice them further! 


What are Examples of Good Reviews?

A lot of people look for reviews that just simply say nice things about your product or service. But you have to be careful - sometimes reviews that feel generic and impersonal can make other people not want to engage with your product or service, even if they see a five-star review. In fact, people want to see reviews where you can tell that the customer is very passionate about their experience. Look for these indicators of good reviews:


  • You want tangible examples of what they liked. For example, if you are in the foodservice industry, look for examples of reviews where people are raving about a specific thing: is it the way a dish tasted? Is it the service? These are the types of things people want to read. 


  • Balanced and fair reviews. The reality is, there is no such thing as a perfect product or service. In fact, sometimes a genuine and honest review is something more valuable than reviews that are supposedly calling your product or service “perfect.” Look for reviews that give good criticism - showing that your company is looking at every side of the situation. 


  • Reviews Containing Media or MMS. Especially in light of social media, it is so easy to feature your product or service simply through an image or MMS content. For example, it’s one thing to read someone types out how much they loved a burger from your restaurant, but it’s a completely different thing to see a picture they include that showcases how mouthwatering and delicious the burger was. Look for reviews that contain MMS, or even links to the person’s social media page!

All in all, these are all things that you must look for when collecting and reading through your reviews. Showcasing reviews is another way to capitalize on new leads and generate more interest. Read about how you can also gain new leads by integrating Trumpia with other applications!

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