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Trumpia’s Customer Support Features: Onboarding

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 29, 2021

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Read about Trumpia's Onboarding Feature–one of the many features that sets us apart.

When using Trumpia, you not only have access to all of our features, but you also have full access to our customer support tools that you can utilize whenever you encounter problems or setbacks. We are constantly trying to provide all of our customers high quality service and support, not just software. That is why so many people have chosen to use Trumpia in comparison to our other competitors.

One of our competitive advantages is that we offer high quality, professional on-boarding and consultation. Why do you need on-boarding and consultation? It’s because while our software is very user friendly and easy to use, many clients do not know how to unlock SMS Texting’s full potential, let alone all of the features we offer. Utilize our customer support team today in order to help you be more efficient and effective. 

When using our on-boarding, you have access to the following:

  • Live webinars
  • Strategy sessions
  • Implementation sessions
  • Compliance consultations


Why are these important? 

If you have struggled with building out your campaigns, you know how difficult it can be to have a strong marketing program. Even when you finally create a set plan, sometimes the results do not show. When using our on-boarding support, you are able to improve the following metrics and capitalize on:

At Trumpia, you do not have to learn our software or go through the onboarding process alone. Let us save you valuable time and effort that can be guided towards bigger and more important projects. 

If you are interested in using our product or if you have already started, check out the following free resources whenever you have the time!

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