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What are SMS Text Messages and How Are Businesses of All Sizes Using Them

Posted by Jason Park on Oct 13, 2021

Send unique offers and promotions, alerts, internal communication, updates, and more with Trumpia's SMS software

SMS Texting technology is both the present and the future of communication for businesses and companies moving forward. No other communication technology allows you to send messages to thousands of people all at once, while having the benefits of ease, speed, and functionality. What other communication platform lets you have one on one conversations with your customers and contacts while having a high response and read rate? SMS texting is an unparalleled platform, especially through Trumpia

With SMS Texting, you are able to send unique offers and promotions, alerts, internal communication, updates, and more! You even are able to automate your messages by creating messaging templates, or pre-scheduling messages so that you can set your campaign on autopilot.

If you’re still not convinced, you need to be reading about all of the different industries that are using SMS texting and the various use cases we offer. SMS Texting has also been an exceptional resource especially in light of COVID-19, which has shifted the global economy.

If you are a growing business or even a well established company, you need to be using SMS texting today. Here are some ways that businesses are already using SMS texting for:

Growing Your Audience

Through mobile keywords, contact collection is made easy. Simply have any potential customer text a keyword to a dedicated short code in order to opt in to messages from a specific company. This is so much easier than trying to collect contact information in more traditional and time consuming ways. You also have the option to import a list of phone numbers that you have already collected, or you can use online sign up pages to help increase traffic and signups.


Collect valuable information

One of the best ways to learn about your contacts and their preferences is to simply ask them a question through SMS texting. No other platform allows you to get instant responses that you can automatically use to adjust your existing campaigns. Start utilizing our data capture feature today in order to optimize your marketing team’s performance. 

Send MMS and other exciting content

This is especially helpful for retail companies or other companies that are trying to highlight a product or service. There is no better way to show how revolutionary your product is than to showcase it through a video or image that covers all of the best features that will entice your customers. Start sending MMS today!

Have access to powerful integrations

Finally, you don’t have to use just our software. One of the beauties of using Trumpia is that we provide so many powerful integrations and partnerships with different software that help streamline your campaigns. Check out some of our preexisting integrations that coders have already created here.

If you are a business owner, contact us today in order to learn more about our software. We highly recommend using Trumpia for all of your communication needs.

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