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Why Schools Need SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 01, 2022

Schools need SMS texting especially in this day and age, where everything is shifting virtually for young students. 

With so many moving parts and people to attend to, schools are constantly coming across the challenge of having to communicate with so many different people in one day. This includes students and teachers, but many people forget that schools also have to communicate with parents, staff, and even the local community in order to accomplish tasks and make the school a better place for everyone.

SMS Texting can help fix this issue. One of the main benefits of SMS texting is that it organizes all of your streams of communication - email, voice, and SMS texts - all on one beautifully laid out platform. This helps you and your team stay organized while being able to avoid using multiple applications. Furthermore, no other software can send messages the way Trumpia does - with the ability to send mass messages to thousands of recipients. And the best part is, you can organize your messaging lists into convenient groups that are saved for later use. We call these distribution lists.

By using Trumpia for your school, you are able to accomplish so many different communication needs. Check out some of these use cases:

  • Send important information home regarding school events, resources like financial help, or even about happenings at school.

  • Alert parents about sudden closures, delays, or more. This is especially important if you live in an area where the weather is unstable.

  • Create an emergency protocol plan that you can send through SMS text whenever you want. 

  • Answer pressing questions that students or parents may have through two-way texting.  

SMS texting is the perfect solution for schools because it is the preferred method of communication for parents and students alike. If you think about it, both parents and students both need fast forms of communication because they are so busy in their day-to-day lives. You can almost guarantee that they are checking their phones more than anything else.


Be sure to use our automation features to also create messages that are automatically sent at an interval you set. This is especially useful for regularly occurring events or announcements that you do not want to be sending out yourself each time. Read about how our automation features can help expand your SMS texting capabilities as a whole here!

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