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What is SMS Lead Scoring?

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 01, 2021



Lead scoring is a powerful tool that you are able to use in conjunction with any of our tracking features offered by  Trumpia’s SMS software. Click to learn more!

Lead scoring is a powerful tool that you are able to use in conjunction with any of our tracking features offered by  Trumpia’s SMS software. Lead scoring allows any company to assign scores to contacts based on behaviors and actions they complete when interacting with your SMS texting program. The beauty of using Trumpia’s lead scoring feature is that you are able to uniquely assign scores to different actions that are important to you, such as texting a keyword, clicking a link, and more. 

Why is SMS lead scoring  an important tool? 

Lead scoring allows you to accumulate scores for different contacts. These different scores indicate which contacts need to be targeted for future campaigns, saving you valuable time and energy. Don’t waste your efforts pouring only into people that you know already want your product or service. Start investing real time in convincing those that need an extra push. You can also set it up so that a message is automatically sent to a customer after reaching a certain lead score, setting your campaign on autopilot. 

How can you start using SMS lead scoring effectively?

Say you are in the hospitality industry and you are looking to boost the overall revenue for you and your company, you can assign lead scores to different actions that awards loyal and valuable customers. If a customer clicks a link you send, you can assign them two points. If they go to your website, another two points. If they interact with your product or leave a review, five points. After a while, you can really encourage them to continue these actions by awarding them with coupons after every 50 points. SMS coupons are definitely great ways for you to encourage customers to continue to want to interact with you and your company moving forward. 

The benefit of lead scoring is that you are able to set this up once and leave it, allowing you to focus on bigger and more important projects. All of this will encourage more customer interaction while promoting your brand.

Start using Trumpia today and take advantage of all of our features. In order to learn more about what Trumpia can offer you, read more here!

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