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The Difference Between SMS Short Code and SMS Long Code

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 01, 2021


96799603_mRead to learn more about two of the main SMS messaging features–SMS short and long codes.

With SMS marketing becoming such a must have marketing and communication channel, it is easy to get lost in the sea of features and terminologies that you need to know and understand–especially when using Trumpia and our powerful SMS messaging software. Two of the main SMS messaging features you should understand the difference between are SMS short and long codes. 

Here is a general overview of both types and what we recommend here at Trumpia.


Short Codes

Short codes are five to six digit numbers that are used to send SMS or MMS messages. The main appeal of short codes is that when you are advertising it, it is visually more aesthetically pleasing than staring at a long code. It is also more inviting and less daunting to text a number that is shorter. 

Many people do not know that there are actually two different types of short codes,  dedicated or shared short codes. Dedicated short codes are the preferred type of short code because it is only used by a single user or organization. Shared short codes on the other hand are codes that are used by multiple organizations at the same time in order to cut costs.


Long Codes

Long codes on the other hand are ten digit numbers and are used also to send SMS messages. With long codes, companies can choose to also take calls with SMS messages, all through one dedicated number. While the number is a lot longer and may discourage people from wanting to sign up, ten digit numbers also feel like you are actually texting a human because most people are accustomed to longer phone numbers anyways. 


Best Option?

After reading both overviews, it is important to note that cell phone carriers have been a lot stricter with shared short codes. With so many businesses sharing one code, there is no guarantee that other businesses are conducting fair campaigns and practices. As a result, all it takes is one bad message for the number to be shut down for everyone. 

At Trumpia, we highly recommend utilizing long codes as a result. Having your own dedicated number ensures that the integrity of your company is protected while avoiding having your number shut down randomly one day. Here are also some of the main disadvantages when using SMS short codes:

  1. Repeating keywords cannot be used
  2. You are forced to rely on other companies and their compliance to regulations
  3. Carriers can shutdown codes at a moments notice without letting you know


Start using SMS long codes today in order to maximize the most out of your SMS texting program. If you have any questions, reach out in order to gain a free trial today!

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