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Trumpia's SMS Messaging Software is a Proven and Powerful Marketing Tool

Posted by Paula Quiroz on Nov 17, 2021
Paula Quiroz

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 12.20.56 PM

These statistics about SMS messages will have you looking at SMS marketing in a new light. Read more in this blog!


These statistics about SMS messages will have you looking at SMS marketing in a new light. 

Not only do SMS messages have a 98% read-rate (that’s almost 5 times more than email at 22%) but, the average text message is opened within 3 minutes of delivery!

With Trumpia’s SMS software you can automatically send targeted messages–resulting in increased customer satisfaction, engagement, and return on your investment.

Remember: 64% of customers expect “tailored experiences” based on the actions they have taken with your company.

That number jumps to 88% if they receive personalized offers!

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