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SMS Texting for Medical Offices

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 02, 2022

SMS texting for medical offices is a tool that they can use in order to save valuable time to provide the best care for patients.

The follow-up to any medical appointment is just as important as the appointment itself. You can provide the best care in the world to a patient, but if there is no consistency in follow-up communication and care, many times the patient will come back with diminished results. That is why medical offices need ways to efficiently set up streams of communication that will help patients get the best care possible. 


That is why SMS texting can be a helpful tool for anyone that is running a medical office. Whether it is for patient outreach or to schedule meetings, SMS texting can help handle messaging between your office and a lot of different patients all at once. This is helpful so that offices are not wasting time messaging each individual the same type of message. 

Here are some of the best ways SMS texting can help your medical office:

Appointment scheduling through SMS texting is made easy all by one simple feature - Automation. Automation allows you to complete tasks such as pre-scheduling messages, creating automatic trigger messages whenever a trigger is activated, and sending automatic messages. All of these are especially helpful in reminding your patients to schedule a follow-up meeting, or the initial appointment itself. You can even include links to your scheduling application to make it even easier. 


  • Take opportunities to answer questions.

Luckily for our clients, Trumpia is two-way text-enabled. This means that patients can answer back to your messages with a question that you can address directly on the spot. If the question requires more follow-up, you can schedule a phone call with them too so that you are saving valuable office time! However, the most underrated thing about being able to collect questions is that you can capture meaningful data on your patients. This includes preferences, FAQ’s, and more that you can adjust your medical office around.  


  • Create consistent follow-up with patients.

Finally, one of the best ways that you can use Trumpia is to create relevant follow-up messages. This means that you can create messages targeted around certain groups of people, all by organizing them through specific text keywords. Therefore, if there are specific treatment plans, reminders for medicine, or other related care, you can send out messages that are highly specific to a certain group of people only. 


These are some of the many creative ways that you can use our software to improve the patient experience. Check out the ways SMS texting can help so many other different industries by reading up on it here.

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