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How Auto Repair Businesses Can Use Texting

Posted by Justin McIntire on Sep 29, 2021

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In this blog, we cover the best ways that auto repair businesses can use texting to improve their reputation with customers and stand out above the crowd.

With so much competition for automotive repair, standing out above the crowd is vital to an auto mechanic’s success. More and more auto mechanics and service departments are turning to texting, and it’s no surprise why. 98% of text messages get read, making it the best way to drum up business and communicate with your customers.

In this blog, we will cover some of the best ways that auto repair businesses can use texting to improve their reputation with customers and stand out above the crowd. Let’s get started!

Send Appointment Reminders

Nothing stings like a missed appointment. An auto repair business needs customers to show up to their appointments in order to use their service time and service bays properly. With SMS appointment reminders you can automatically send reminders the day or week before a customer is due to bring their car in, so it stays top of mind. A provider like Trumpia makes it easy to upload a list of appointment reminders to be sent out, or we can integrate with your systems to trigger reminders based on your calendar, all automatically.

Send Service Reminders

With mass texting auto repair companies can send out reminders to their entire contact list if they have a special, like an offer for AC repair before summer starts. Only Trumpia can tailor reminders based on what you know about your customers, so if a customer is overdue for an oil change we can send them a reminder, and even a coupon to entice them to make an appointment. With Trumpia’s Smart Targeting you can send tailored alerts for each customer, like service reminders for a truck and an oil change reminder for that customer’s sedan.

Market Your Business

With SMS marketing auto repair companies can run promotions and send them to their entire contact list, easily drumming up more business year-round. This can be for special offers, communicating about recalls, or just sending coupons periodically for things like oil changes or other common service appointments. 

Communicate via 2-way Texting

With two-way or landline texting auto repair companies can communicate with customers and send them updates on their repairs. So if a customer brought a car in for a set of new tires and mechanics discover they need new brakes, you can quickly send them a text asking them if they want the repairs to be carried out. Texting is also perfect for sending quotes, answering questions, and coordinating things like tow trucks.

Communicate Internally with Employees

Making sure auto repair companies have enough mechanics is vital to a well-run operation. Auto repair companies can use texting to recruit mechanics, send weekly schedules, cover missed shifts, or just send general updates about company policies. It’s also great for ordering parts or communicating with towing or tire delivery companies and allows you to maintain a record of communication to ensure things run smoothly. 

Are you a mechanic or auto repair business looking to get into texting? Call or text 1-888-707-3030 to talk to a Trumpia expert!

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