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Trumpia: SMS Texting for Clubs and Promoters

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 29, 2021

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Trumpia's SMS software offers leading features and capabilities for clubs and promoters.

The world has been rapidly opening back up, and with it, industries have been exploding yet again. People have been flooding into restaurants, places of entertainment, and more. And if you and your company are not careful, you can be forced to play catch up for a long time rather than being on top of the game. 

One industry that has been seeing a rise in growth after COVID-19 is the club industry. Young people have been flooding into clubs, concerts, and more in order to catch up on all of the fun they missed during the global pandemic. As a result, clubs and promoters need to be taking advantage of the growing excitement and hype that has been building up. 

One way clubs and promoters can organize their marketing divisions and capitalize on new leads is by utilizing SMS texting, especially through Trumpia. SMS texting gives clubs and promoters the ability to convert interested and prospective contacts into people who frequently visit your club. Because clubs and other venues don’t run on memberships or continual business, marketing teams need to step up their game in order to increase revenue.

Here are some of the top features promoters have access to when using Trumpia's SMS software:

Data Capture

Unlike other mediums of communication, Trumpia gives clients the ability to gather meaningful information on their contacts. You can then use this information for future campaigns. How does this work? All you simply need to do is ask your contacts a question. Text messages have a proven response rate of 98% - guaranteeing that you and your company will receive some form of response. 

Gather information like what kind of events your contacts like, what benefits they would want to receive, and what days they are more like to be available in order to shape future marketing plans around them!

Send Exclusive Deals

Compared to text messages, other popular forms of communication like email only have a 22% read rate. That is where texting comes handy. If you were to send an exclusive deal or coupon off a future event, customers are more likely to use it. This will increase interest over the general event and your brand, ensuring that you stand above the competition. Take advantage of our automation features in order to send these deals automatically without you having to intervene. 

Promote New Events and Shows

Imagine a celebrity headliner or a musical group that is going to be leading your show is marketed everywhere your club is. People will start coming, especially if they follow and love the celebrity. This is an easy way to build interest while cross promoting on different platforms.

One way you can easily transfer new leads is to send them a shortened link that you can integrate with a different software that manages tickets for you. All of these will make your life easier as you watch attendance rates soar. 

These are three of some of the top features that you can start using today if you choose to use SMS texting for your marketing needs. If you are a club or promoter, we truly believe that this partnership is one that can serve you and your company better.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to request a free trial today!

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