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Improve Communication with Employees and Between Teams Using SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Oct 13, 2021

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Improve Communication with Employees and Between Teams Using Trumpia's SMS Texting Software.

Have you ever felt frustrated by someone you worked with? Or have you ever wanted to quit because your work culture is so toxic? In any good company, good communication is not only important between employees and customers, but also between the employees themselves. In fact, so many issues within the workplace could be solved if there were systems in place that helped streamline communication needs. 

To help your HR department and your internal communication succeed, one of the best tools that you can use is a tool that many people do not know about - SMS texting. SMS texting is one of the best communication tools out there, especially because no other platform can match with SMS texting’s capabilities. SMS texting allows you to send mass text messages within minutes, expanding your campaigns and marketing strategy. SMS texting also boasts a 97% open rate, compared to a staggering low 25% for email. 

Especially with Trumpia, the amount of features and use cases that you have access to is endless. While we recommend reading about all of our technology’s features, Trumpia offers some premiere ways that employees can use SMS texting to communicate with one another. 

This list includes:

Answering Questions with Keywords

One of the most frustrating things for any manager or fellow employee is to spend so much time answering questions that are basic but necessary, wasting your time that can be used towards important projects or deadlines. These questions include questions about benefits, company policies, or even on key company operations. 

In order to help answer these questions without manual intervention, we recommend using keywords in order to answer employee’s questions for them. For example, you can have confused employees text the word “BENEFITS” to a long code in order to see all of the benefits they have at their disposal. These are easy ways to answer FAQ that just waste time. 

Automate Onboarding and Training

Also in light of keywords, you can have training and onboarding material automatically sent to your employees whenever they join your company. You can have new hires text the word “TRAINING” in order to start receiving material automatically without someone having to walk them step by step through the process. 

These automations are all made possible through two way conversations that Trumpia enables. By asking a question, contacts are able to respond which can trigger different messaging paths. For example, if you are leading an employee through training modules, you can have them text “1” in order to receive the next video. 

You can also set up reminders whenever they need to receive a new training, revaluation, or certification that they may need in order to work at your company. 

Request for Feedback

Finally, use Trumpia in order to address any problems or issues that employees may have with either the company in general, or even with specific individuals that can be reported later. One of the most comforting things for any human being is to let out how they are feeling, which can save people from a lot of pain and stress later. In fact, SMS texting can be a perfect way to address grievances because of it’s high read rate, and because of the fact that you can keep it as discreet as possible.

Simply have employees text in their concerns, or you can even choose to integrate your texting campaign with an external website that you can link to your contacts. 

Start using Trumpia today for all of your SMS texting needs within your HR departments! Watch your internal relationships thrive when you start using us today. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our software, request a free trial today!

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