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How to Track SMS Text Message Campaigns

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 01, 2021


85308103_mStart adjusting your marketing strategy today by analyzing the results of all of your campaigns. In this blog, read about the two most common ways that you can start tracking with Trumpia today!

It can be frustrating for any marketer to work countless hours on a campaign or initiative, only to find out later that it did not work or that it was not effective at all. To minimize frustrating moments like these, Trumpia provides on site tools that allow you to track the progress of your campaigns. Without the valuable tools Trumpia’s SMS software provides, many marketers  will often find themselves wasting time and efforts that can easily be allocated towards other marketing endeavors. 

The use cases of our SMS software are endless. For instance, imagine a retail company notices that a sales promotion for shoes is the most popular text message they’ve sent out. It is most likely that they will advertise similar products to the recipients of their text messages. Businesses also have the opportunity to learn trends that are beneficial to build entire marketing and communication campaigns around. In addition, tracking is useful because businesses are able to capture meaningful data. 

Start adjusting your marketing strategy today by analyzing the results of all of your campaigns. Here are two of the most common ways that you can start tracking with Trumpia today:


Click Through Tracking

Click Through Tracking is the ability to simply see if your contacts have clicked on a link that you sent them. What is helpful about Trumpia’s software is that it allows the user to indicate on a contact’s profile whether or not they have clicked a link or not, which can be useful for future targeting. 

How is click through tracking useful? Take nonprofits as an example:

If you are a nonprofit organization, you can use Trumpia’s Click Through Tracking feature to message people who did not click to sign up for an upcoming event. So a week before the event, you can send a reminder, ensuring that you will gain the maximum amount of sign ups possible, which can lead to long term subscribers and even revenue. Also make sure that you are building automated messages through pre scheduling saved messages to certain contacts in the future. 


Site and Event Tracking

Another powerful way you can track the status of your campaigns is through site and event tracking. This is a powerful tool that tells you whether or not your subscriber has visited your web page or an action on your website. This is a way for you to tangibly see how much your contacts are interacting with your brands on a daily basis. 

All that is needed  is to embed our Site and Event Tracking code into the company  website which our dedicated team can assist with. Similarly to Click Through Tracking, you can indicate on people’s profiles if they are interacting with your website. 

Make sure that after you utilize either of these two types of tracking, you also utilize our lead scoring feature which will allow you to easily set metrics to analyze. 

Start using Trumpia today for all of your SMS texting needs. If you have any questions, please contact us here in order to get started today!

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