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How to Set Up an SMS Text to Vote Campaign

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 02, 2022

SMS Text to Vote is a feature that allows you to dynamically learn about your contact's preferences and more in real-time. 

What is an SMS Text to Vote? While it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, SMS text to vote campaigns are a great way to accomplish one very important thing - data capture. If you ever wanted to learn about your contact’s preferences, desires, and more, SMS text to vote is one of the best ways to collect a lot of meaningful information quickly. You can collect a lot of significant results very quickly if you also include interesting incentives such as a prize.

This feedback can be a matter of evolving to the next level for a company, or remaining stagnant for a long time. Every successful and gifted business leader also needs to carry themselves with curiosity - being able to learn from the very people they are serving. Here is how you can set up an effective SMS text to vote for your company today:

  •  Use Mobile Keywords: Center these voting campaigns based on certain polls in order to organize your campaigns and collect a lot of new leads. 


  • Ask an easy question: rather than having people type out long sentences for their feedback, make the process easier for them. For example, instead of asking someone “What is your favorite menu item and why,” give them options. “Did you like A, B, C, or D?” This makes polling effortless and guarantees you and your company a lot of polling results. 


  • Track results: Ask yourself why certain people are answering a certain way. Does demographics play a factor? Did you have an issue with a product that didn’t perform well in the past? These are important questions that you need to be asking yourself.


  • Automate follow-up: Immediately respond to your contact by thanking them for their answer. You can choose to send periodic updates, deals, and more in order to further show that you care even after the poll.


These are all excellent ways that you can take advantage of our SMS text to vote feature. Check out all of our other features and the ways that they transform your campaigns to the next level. 

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