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Why Use Both Email Marketing and Text Messages Marketing?

Posted by Trumpia on Jul 15, 2021

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Combine email and text message marketing for an omni-channel approach.

Many companies are loyal to email marketing as the tried-and-true method of their digital strategy for reaching customers. Others have adopted text message marketing as a new-age approach to reaching a greater audience. These days, however, more and more businesses are combining email and text message marketing for an omni-channel approach. Learn more about how pairing email marketing and SMS marketing can deliver more global access, improve customer engagement, and promote customer retention. Here are some tips:

Avoid Spamming While Increasing Visibility with SMS and Email Marketing

Using both text message marketing and email marketing as part of a digital marketing strategy lets companies approach consumers from different channels. Avoid having customers feeling spammed by diversifying how you send messages. Adding variety to not only messaging but also the platform the message is delivered on can be important for a variety of reasons. Although customers may have opted-in to receive SMS marketing or email marketing from a company, they still don't want to feel spammed. Sending one to two texts per month and one to two emails per month allows businesses to get in front of customers four times a month without overwhelming their inboxes. 

Emails for Longer Messages and SMS for Shorter Messages

“This could have been an email” is a popular meme floating around the internet that refers to in-person meetings that could have been easily summarized within a 2–3-line email. The same could be said for emails that might do better as text messages. Long form, informative messages do best as emails, as people are more likely to read them while sitting down and committing to paying attention. Text messages are great for capturing shorter spurts of attention or as gentle reminders. Think about the goals of your message to determine the appropriate channel for delivering it. Could it have been said in a text, or is an email a better fit?

Email Marketing and SMS for B2B and B2C 

Many businesses are both B2B and B2C. How companies interact with other businesses versus how they interact with their customers is very different. By customizing communication according to the audience, businesses can improve B2B relations, promote customer retention, and improve both employee and customer satisfaction. Email marketing may be more useful for certain B2B relationships as it tends to evoke a professional tone. SMS marketing could be the perfect fit for B2C to offer a more personal angle.  

Benefit of a Combined System

The benefits of a combined system are varied. One important one is that it comes from the same user interface, saving the user time and helping reduce mistakes. Another big benefit is the same data is used, meaning you can update all of your channels from one database, so if a contact changes their email address and phone number it will automatically update in your system so you can continue messaging them. Finally, combined systems like Trumpia allows you to run coordinated campaigns, across channels, rather than disjointed ones that don’t interact with each other, leading to better efficiency and ROI.

However companies choose to approach email marketing and SMS marketing, using them in conjunction is one of the best ways to increase visibility and improve brand awareness. Learn more about implementing this dual approach by reaching out to the text-perts at Trumpia today!

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