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SMS Texting for Accounting and Billing Teams

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 10, 2021


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Wondering how you can start using SMS texting for your Accounting and Billing team? Read more in order to find out!

Anyone who works in accounting knows that with the constant amount of logistical tasks that accounting teams need to accomplish.In accounting, there is an urgent need for good, efficient, and quick communication. Without accuracy and communication, so many key documents and information that needs to be sent out can get lost at a moment's notice. In addition, with so many pressing deadlines that constantly come up, people within accounting departments cannot wait a long time for people to check their emails. SMS texting technology with Trumpia is the perfect solution for accounting departments that need a tool that will help them tackle the everyday obstacles they face.


With an impressive read rate at 97% compared to other forms of communication marketing, SMS text messages provide the technological capabilities that so many companies are looking for. With advanced automation and endless amount of features, we can provide accounting departments the following:


Reminders for payments and appointments

Collections, or money that customers owe companies, can greatly increase just by simply sending a reminder through SMS text blasts. Furthermore, you can also mitigate the amount of cancelled or delayed appointments just by sending a quick reminder. Luckily, all companies need is a couple of people within the marketing department that will send out text messages reminding their customers. With Trumpia, you are able to send multiple text messages and even preschedule texts in order to set your campaigns on autopilot. Trumpia's SMS software  can also create a trigger to take place whenever a customer performs a certain action.


Access to one-one conversations

Just like the benefits of email, you are able to have one on one conversations where your contacts and subscribers can reply directly back to you and your company. However, unlike emails, SMS texting provides instant messages and reply rates because of the ease and simplicity of our technology. Therefore, utilize the ability to address grievances and frustrations by your contacts in order to boost customer satisfaction. You can also prove to your customers that your company cares about the audience’s opinions. 


These are just two ways that Trumpia can help benefit and supplement what your company is doing. 


Curious to see how Trumpia can boost your company’s revenue and streamline your existing functions? Read more of our blogs today!

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