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SMS Texting Features at Trumpia: Dedicated Account Managers

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 29, 2021


Trumpia provides quality Account Managers with certain plans in order to ensure the highest quality service and product. Read about our Account managers and what they provide here in this blog!

One of the main benefits of using Trumpia for your SMS texting needs is that you have access to so many different features and resources at your side. Hands down, the best resource that you have at your advantage is the fact that you have full access to a dedicated Account Manager who will help you and your company maximize your campaigns and results. Struggling to see your ROI improve? Wondering how to fix problems and issues with your strategy along the way? All of this is solvable when you have an Account manager working by your side. 


Dedicated account managers will do so much more for you than answer general questions that can be answered by reading a simple blog or FAQ. Instead, they will take the time to teach you how to use our software and implement your ideas. They will work with you to see how you can adjust and edit your campaign ideas if you are not getting the desired results. And finally, they are always just one call away whenever you need anything.


Why would you need an Account Manager? Well, it’s not because our software is too complicated to figure out, in fact, our intuitive and brand new UI makes sending messages more streamlined and efficient. It’s because so many of our clients do not know how to use so many of the more advanced and powerful use cases when utilizing SMS texting. Some of these use cases and features include:


These are some of the best ways you can use SMS texting, yet so many of our clients are just using our software to only send text messages. While this is what our company was created to do, you and your company need to be utilizing these advanced analytic and logistical features. With these, you can take your business and communication needs to the next level.


Start using Trumpia today and receive help from all of the experts and Account Managers on our team! Luckily for so many of our clients, certain plans like the Premium Plan come with an Account Manager already fixed into the cost, while Base Plans require an upgrade to receive that option. 

Check out these plans or contact us to learn more!

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