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Using SMS Messages for Auto Dealerships

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 15, 2021

With all of the communication and organizational needs of any auto dealership, SMS texting is the perfect solution. Click here to find out how you can start using Trumpia today!

Auto dealerships that are able to incorporate SMS messages into their communication and marketing strategy are able to send out deals and offers quickly to a lot more people than Auto dealerships that do not. In fact, 98% of text messages are opened within the first few minutes, ensuring that people are receiving your deals immediately. 


Cars are a big necessity for many people. Cars are the one product in society that self advertise–people are going to come to dealerships looking for cars whether or not they want them. However, in a market that is saturated with so many choices and companies, you need to make sure that you can stand above the rest.  


This is where SMS texting comes in to play a vital role within car dealerships’ marketing departments. With SMS texting, a company’s voice, product, and brand is highlighted through dedicated texting campaigns that are sent out to contacts. We highly recommend integrating SMS texting with your existing marketing tactics in order to help supplement your marketing strategy. Prove to people why they should stay loyal with your brand by highlighting the difference in your product, while offering excellent deals and customer service. 


By using SMS texting, you can guarantee growth in revenue and in brand visibility. Here are all the benefits you can take advantage of  when using SMS texting for your auto dealership today:


Mass Texting

No other form of communication can guarantee the ability to send mass messages to so many different people at the snap of a finger than SMS texting and emails. However, the stark difference between texting and emails is that text messages have a 97% read rate –indicating that contacts are actually reading and engaging with your text messages and SMS campaigns. 


Contact Collection

SMS texting, especially through Trumpia, makes contact collection easy. Use keywords in order to have potential customers subscribe to your messages easily. You can even have separate keywords that help organize customers into more specific campaigns. For example, if people want to receive specific information on a car, they can text “CAMRY” to a dedicated number. Or, if people want to speak to a dedicated customer service provider, they can text the word “ASSIST.” 



Combine Trumpia with external software in order to create powerful partnerships with other applications. The applications are endless. You can send out shortened links to scheduling applications in order to book appointments with salesmen. You can also send out links to your website that highlights a car’s sought after features that people are inquiring about. 


Reminders on upcoming appointments

Missed appointments are one of the most frustrating setbacks that any company can face. With texting, you can remind your contacts of upcoming appointments they have, ensuring that you have every chance to make a profit or land a deal. Take advantage of our automation features in order to let our system send these reminders for you, with little to no intervention. 


Review requests

In the modern age, everyone chooses to interact with a company and product depending on the reputation that they have. That is why reviews are one of the most powerful tools any company has access to. Ask customers who have had a positive experience with your service and product to leave a review for you. Simply drop them a link to a popular review website in order to get started on that!


Start using Trumpia’s SMS software today alongside your other auto dealership marketing tools. 

We highly recommend reading more of our blogs in order to learn about and  utilize all of the features and use cases that our software provides!

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