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Auto Reply Text Templates for SMS Marketing

Posted by Jason Park on Jul 21, 2021


The reality is, not every company has time to tailor make each message and respond to every single subscriber. For many companies, time is the most valuable asset and automating responses to questions from text message subscribers not only saves a ton of time, it also increases their satisfaction. 

Trumpia offers an Auto Reply feature that automatically sends a message when a contact opts-in. However, you can do a lot more when you pair that with our powerful Automated Workflows feature. This feature can help you pre-save templates that inform and answer essential questions that customers may have if you are not able to respond. Check out some templates below that can help you maximize your marketing campaigns. 

1. Message confirmation texts

Hello! We at [Business Name] appreciate your message. We will get back to you shortly via this number before we close at [Insert Time Here]

While this message may seem trivial, it is so important to customers that they feel like their messages are being read and understood. These messages can also even serve as a welcome text that introduces your company culture! These messages also serve as a reminder for any support team to get back to these customers and answer their specific questions. Including a business name, website, and hours of operation also help answer any question that customers usually have. 

2. Unavailable reply texts

Hello! I am currently not in the office right now and I will be back at [Insert Date Here]. In the meantime, I would love to connect you to [Insert Team Member Here] if you have any questions. Here is his number [Insert Number Here].

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Therefore, if you ever find yourself out of the office at any time, make sure to have this template handy. It will save you so much time and help reduce complaints in the future, especially for a customer that may get potentially upset if you do not answer fast enough. 

3. Confirmation texts

Hello! We have received your order and it is on it’s way shortly. Thank you for your patience and business with us - we look forward to serving you again!

Hello! This is a confirmation for our appointment on [Insert Date Here]. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

One of the most frustrating things for any company that deals with appointments can be someone that forgot their appointment or showed up late. By confirming appointments with the customer before the actual date, these auto reply messages can serve as a reminder while maximizing your company’s efficiency. You also reduce your chances of missing a time slot, which for many companies, can mean a loss of revenue. 

4. Opt-In response texts

Hello! Thank you for opting - in to our SMS texting service! Please reply with STOP at any time in order to stop receiving messages. 

Setting up your automated messages to meet SMS compliance can be a great way to ensure that you are following the law. Luckily, Trumpia handles all compliance auto reply messages for you. 

5. Exclusive offer texts

We appreciate your business! Please enjoy 15% off your next purchase by using the code TAKE15!

Have customers sign up via text after a purchase in order to gain access to exclusive deals and offers, while staying up to date with what the company is doing. This is a great way to incentivize more interactions, click through, and increase revenue. 

A company’s response is everything and can make subscribers and customers feel seen and cared for. Start using these templates today in order to boost your customer service and satisfaction! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team in order to request a demo or free trial!

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