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How To Grow a SMS Texting Campaign

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 14, 2022

Trumpia cares about growing your business - read on some of the basic ways you can grow your SMS texting campaign which will help explode your business. 

In any company, you want to make sure that you are growing at all times. Complacency and remaining stagnant is one of the worst things that can happen to any budding new business. And while we recommend building a lot of momentum and excitement quickly, we also recommend creating sustainable programs and methods that will make sure you are building your company on a solid foundation.


One of the best ways you can accelerate the growth of your marketing team while creating good systems is by using technology such as SMS technology. SMS texting is an intuitive platform that allows you to organize all of your communication paths all in one centralized location. You can also take advantage of systems and features such as Trumpia’s advanced automation features to help build consistent messages that are sent without your manual intervention. You can also utilize our dedicated team that will help you build out your campaigns. Finally, you can rest assured that you will constantly be gaining new subscribers and contacts by utilizing our easy contact collection tools that use keyword technology and online sign-up pages. 


SMS texting will help sustain the massive amount of growth you and your business will face if you decide to use our software. Read all of the testimonials that prove so. And here are the specific reasons and tactics you can start to use in order for your marketing team and your company to face massive growth:


Create Enticing Incentives

You need to make your product and service irresistible - that’s the first step. And once you do, you also need to give good reasons why customers should receive texts from your company. Provide mobile deals and coupons to make the deal even sweeter. 


Have Clear Call to Actions

Your goal of sending messages should be clear and simple - so much so that your customers can repeat it back to you if you asked. If they are struggling to remember what your campaigns are about, that is automatically a bad sign. 


Utilize MMS

What better way to get new subscribers hooked than to send MMS - pictures and videos - of your product or service. People want to see that your products and services work.


Make Campaigns Interactive

With Two - Way texting ability, you can make your campaigns an interactive conversation, rather than a one-way messaging system. Encourage responses from your subscribers and show that you care by taking the time to answer them.

All of these tactics are such easy ways to start growing your SMS marketing program. In fact, this is just the beginning of all of the things you can do with our software! Check out all of our features in order to get your creative juices flowing - expand SMS texting to fit your company’s needs!

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