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Using SMS Texting to Increase Church Attendance

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 01, 2022

SMS Texting for churches is the perfect solution for any church that is looking to grow their attendance rates.

If you are a church or any other religious organization and you have been experiencing your church growth stagnating, don’t lose hope. Chances are, you probably haven’t tried every possible way to grow your attendance rate to the best of your ability. And that’s okay because many of you probably have not even heard of SMS texting because of how busy you are caring for your members. 


What is SMS texting? SMS texting is the best way to communicate with your church members, new guests, and even staff members in order to highlight new events, ways to serve, and more! SMS texting is the perfect solution for churches especially because churches are constantly dealing with so many different groups of people. Our software intuitively is able to center campaigns around new events, or even on separate distribution lists. This makes your communication more streamlined and efficient.


We even recommend automating messages for your church organization, especially because so many events are cyclical and repeating in nature. This is especially useful so that you can send certain messages on autopilot, allowing you to free up time towards other more pressing things. This includes messages related to offering regularly occurring activities/events like small groups, and more! Let our software work for you as you are trying to strengthen your communication and marketing efforts.


And if you are desperately trying to highlight your church and bring more people in so that you can care for them, check out some of these creative ways you can use our software to do so!


  • Create welcome messages!

A lot of times, people do not want to stay at a church because they feel as though the church has become more obsessed with the program than the people. And if you find yourself in this place as a church, maybe it is time to reconsider how you are conducting your ministry. Use SMS texting in order to welcome newcomers and provide essential next steps to anyone that may need it. Your next steps can include links to ways that people can serve, people to contact if they need resources or someone to talk to, and more! This is a great way to show newcomers different opportunities to get plugged into your community. 


  • Ask members questions!

One of the best things about SMS texting is that we are two-way conversation enabled. This means that your contacts can actually send you messages back and forth. This is especially useful for churches who want to utilize SMS texting in order to gather feedback, ask for prayer requests, and more! Make sure to regularly take advantage of this feature in order to improve your church and show again that you care. 

  • Highlight new events

Did you know that SMS texting is also not limited to just words? You can also send MMS including videos that make your campaigns more exciting. There is no better way to showcase an event than to incorporate it into a video or picture that helps get people excited. 


All in all, churches can use Trumpia in order to show their church members that you care. Because at the core of every good church are systems of communication that help spread important information to everyone. Show that you care by taking the extra step to send a message. If you need more creative ways to expand your use of our technology, read more of our use cases here!

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