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How Do Text Messages Work With Other Communication Channels?

Posted by Jason Park on Jul 14, 2021

Couple SMS messages with your other communication channels for the best results.

When building a strong SMS Texting campaign, companies must know that they are not just limited to texting. In fact, utilizing other forms of communication can be an effective way to ensure that you are engaging with customers and your employees. 

With Trumpia, you are able to send out voice broadcasts, send emails, and integrate with video conferencing applications or social media applications. 

Consider the following factors when choosing which communication channel to use at any given time:

  • How important is the message you are sending?
  • Do you need to send information?
  • Does it require a conversation with real time responses?
  • Do you want to encourage a lively and productive discussion?
  • Do you need to share materials like important documents or presentation files?
  • What does your team prefer? 
  • How formal or informal is the message?
  • Is the message time sensitive?
  • Do you need to be able to draw from the messages later?

After considering all of these factors, check out the pros and cons of pairing different forms of communication with SMS texting below:

  • Pros: There is nothing more professional than using emails. If you are trying to send important messages, files and documents, and other information that you need to be able to refer to later on, emails are useful because they can be stored and searched for in an inbox. Furthermore, you also have the ability to send to multiple people all at once while the message is stored under one separate chain, which can be easy to find in the inbox later.
  • Cons: One downside of using email is that there are often so many spam messages or junk that crowds up people’s emails. As a result, many messages can go unnoticed or even ignored. One way you can integrate and improve email is to remind people to check their inboxes by sending a quick text message, especially if the email is important. With a 98% read rate, SMS texts are a great source of reminders for busy people. Also, response rates might be slower than other forms of communication, which needs to be kept in mind.
Video conferencing 
  • Pros: Video conferencing is also another professional way to conduct important meetings. Video conferencing is a great tool for companies and people that need to have important discussions and meetings that require responses in real time. Furthermore, video conferencing platforms often have powerful and useful tools that allow you to share presentations or your screen to show people what you are talking about.
  • Cons: Video conferences are often difficult to schedule because the meetings require not only a time commitment, but also can take up a considerable amount of time. SMS texting can help schedule meetings easily - simply ask workers or any relevant people when they can meet, and pick the best date depending on the results you get. This is the benefit of one to one texting feature with Trumpia - subscribers can text back.

Phone calls

  • Pros: Phone calls have the benefits of having a conversation and getting quick responses. It is best used when a matter needs to be discussed urgently, especially if there is a time sensitive issue. These days, everyone has access to a phone that they can easily communicate with. Use this option if you need results now.
  • Cons: The downside of phone calls is that the answer rate is lower than that of other forms of communication. If people do not recognize your number, the chances of them picking it up is significantly lower. Utilize SMS texting to remind people that you just called them and would love to reschedule a better time to talk!
Social Media
  • Pros: Finally, social media is one of the most powerful tools of communication in the modern age. Social media is a weird form of communication - not only is it popular, but you have the ability to have discussions while broadcasting any information you want about yourself or your company. Use social media because everyone has it, and it is essentially free and effective marketing.
  • Cons: Social media has similar issues to emails - your content can often get lost in the shuffle. Also, it requires a lot of initial work to build a following and connections. Use SMS texting in order to highlight new social media posts that can help keep your subscribers in the loop.

We highly recommend trying out all of these different forms of communication. By having a varied approach, you can ensure that your campaign is effective.

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