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How to Use SMS Texting for Critical Alerts

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 10, 2021

How to Use SMS Texting for Critical Alerts

Looking for a quick and efficient form of communication for critical alerts? Read more about SMS texting!

When an emergency occurs, you need a fast and reliable form of communication in order to alert anyone that may be affected. In light of all of the problems that are happening around the world, we now know that without the proper information and understanding, people are susceptible to harm. Especially because of COVID-19, entire companies and industries need to be able to send messages at a moment's notice in order to alert their employees and contacts of any potential harm or spread of disease. 


Trumpia’s SMS Software is one of the best communication platforms out there. Texting has been proven to be the fastest and most effective form of communication, due to its reliability and accessibility. Everyone in the modern age has a cell phone now. Because of this, most text messages are read within the first couple of minutes at a read rate of 97%. This fact alone is the reason that SMS texting can help prevent any danger from occurring. 


With Trumpia, you have access to a multitude of features in order to keep your contacts safe. Trumpia’s must-have features include:


You can  take all of these features and apply them practically to your company’s safety systems:

  • Share safety plans with your contacts when they subscribe to your campaign
  • Address any questions or concerns that contacts may have
  • Send out alerts and notifications on any weather developments
  • Create mass text messaging templates for any emergency scenario
  • Allow contacts to text officials in a crisis situation
  • Alert contacts on any COVID-19 outbreak or exposure

Start using Trumpia’s SMS messaging platform today to address any potential crisis situation that you and your company may face. Contact us in order to get a free trial today!

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