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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Aug 06, 2021


An angry or dissatisfied customer is one of the easiest ways to ruin any campaign that is trying to build credibility and loyalty with a community or group of customers. Therefore, businesses and organizations constantly need ways to have customers satisfied and happy with their products, services and relationships. Luckily SMS texting is a great resource that allows these companies to have a one to one relationship with their contact database while being able to send out important messages and updates. 

Here are just a couple of the ways SMS texting can improve customer satisfaction: 

Offer ways to address feedback and concerns

Receiving feedback is now easier than ever because all companies need to do is ask. Send out a quick text message asking for feedback and improvements and customers will begin to flood in their answers. This is an easy way to gain feedback because texting is such a simple and quick way to send it in. If you see that someone has had a particularly poor experience with your company, be sure to follow up with them and offer ways to fix it. Or, if you see that someone loves your company, send them a link to write a review on an review website that can help boost leads.

Provide promotions and deals

A quick and easy way to revive a stale or dying campaign is to make things fun and exciting again. You can boost old marketing campaigns with SMS messages by utilizing fun new ways to interact with your customers: set up sweepstakes, contests, and new promotions! Customers love a good deal or free stuff, and the chance to win can be an exciting reason to want to join your SMS texting program. Make sure you utilize social media, MMS, and more in order to broadcast these promotions.

Avoid bad practices

These bad practices include spamming, non-compliance, or other inappropriate practices that can damage your credibility. Do not take shortcuts that end up doing more damage in the long run. Take the time to really invest in building out your communication strategies and ideas. 

Make sure to make your campaigns are easy to understand. Things you need to constantly look out for before sending a message are aspects like language, consistency, and a clear call to action. Are these steps streamlined? Will there be problems down the road? Make sure to address all of these and troubleshoot as you go. One way you can avoid these issues is by creating pre-saved templates and messages that employees can use in order to create a sense of consistency across your messages. 

Make sure you are following these steps in order to increase customer satisfaction. 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out or sign up for a trial today!

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