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How Mapping Your Customer Journey Can Help with Planning, Launching, and Tracking SMS Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Jason Park on Jul 21, 2021

In the past, the customer journey–from a potential customer’s initial engagement with your company’s website to buying a product and remaining a loyal customer–has been a fairly simple process. For one, there were not nearly as many marketing and communication channels  as there are now. 

Boy has that changed! With the amount of touch points increasing as technology advances, companies need to adapt and map out all of the different channels of communication. Otherwise, they risk losing customers to competitors. 

Here at Trumpia, we recommend creating a customer journey map in order to have a visual picture and checklist of how and when to communicate  with their intended audience. The customer journey map  helps companies see the ways that your customers are interacting with your company through different channels. It also tracks their experiences with these different touch points.


Follow these steps in order to create your customer journey map today that will allow you to better plan your SMS marketing campaigns! 

  • Identify every type of customer

You need to put yourself into the different personas of your customers. This is a chance for you and your company to target specific demographics and types of customers you may have. Categories can include age, gender, and any other relevant information that will help you understand how that specific persona will interact with your company. This is especially helpful for SMS texting - simply ask a question in order to learn more about your subscribers and collect market research.

  • Identify different channels of communication

After you put yourself in the perspective of your subscribers, clearly mark all the touchpoints that they can interact with. This can include social media, email, SMS texting, visiting your website, and even direct interactions with your team. Visually seeing all branches of communication can also help you integrate with SMS texting depending on the type of campaign you are trying to achieve.

  • Identify action they need to take

Have clear and concise calls to actions that you want subscribers to take when reaching a certain touchpoint. Is it to increase brand awareness? Get more click throughs? Have they filled out a form? Different forms of communication will call for different responses. 

  • Identify company’s response

Communication also requires a response from the company itself. How should you and your company be responding to your subscribers depending on the different situations? Does it call for more attention or staff members? Keep in mind that SMS texting can open up opportunities for one to one messaging that is direct, fast, and has a proven read rate. 

  • Identify improvements to customer experience.

After mapping out your customer journey, you should clearly be able to see changes that need to be made in order to improve your communication as a whole. This should then also translate to clear actions that improve the customer experience.

Any questions in keeping track of your customer journey map? Contact us to speak to a Trumpia expert and learn more about our SMS marketing software.

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