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SMS Marketing for Event Management

Posted by Trumpia on Sep 15, 2021


SMS texting technology is the best solution for any event management team. Read more to learn how you can integrate Trumpia with your team today!

Running any event, large or small, is no easy feat. With so many moving parts to coordinate, it is no wonder that many events like large-scale music shows, international festivals, local book tours, and so many others encounter event management issues. Handling everything from logistics to resource management can be quite the challenge, but implementing an effective SMS marketing strategy to help with event management can make all the difference. From confirming attendees to keeping safety protocols in check, text messaging software is one of the best tools event managers can bring to their teams.

Text Messaging for Event Management Use Cases


SMS Event Marketing

Event management companies with solid marketing strategies find that they not only have increased sales and revenue, but also some of the best reputations in the industry. SMS platforms can be instrumental for reaching a larger, more diversified audience than traditional marketing strategies alone. Text-based event marketing gives event managers the opportunity to strategically market to interested consumers while keeping everything digital. Given the fact that SMS open rates are a whopping 5 times higher than email open rates, there’s a good chance your targeted audience will not only see the event promotions you send but will also engage with them. This can be crucial for boosting tickets sales and getting people to sign up for the event.


Confirm Reservations with Text 

Preparation is key to any successful event management company. Making sure that a venue has the capacity to hold the expected number of attendees has always been important, but now more than ever. With the ever-changing capacity limitations and restrictions, event managers need an effective way to confirm the number of people expected to be at any event. With the click of a button, attendees can easily confirm or cancel their reservations.


Send Event Notifications to Attendees with SMS

By opting in to receive notifications from a venue or event management company, attendees of any event can be better informed about the schedule of events, locations, and receive vital updates. Every live event is bound to come with its own unique set of challenges which may include changes. These changes could range from schedule shifts to parking information. Reduce the risk of hazards, keep attendees safe, and prevent dissatisfied customers by providing as up to date information as possible. 

One of the great things about working with a dynamic SMS company like Trumpia for event management is the ability to customize the settings to your needs. Bring in different departments, utilize only the aspects you need, and see how event management can be made so much easier with the right text message marketing strategy in place.

Find out more about how to make your events run more efficiently by reaching out to Trumpia today! 

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