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The Multiple Uses of SMS Messaging for HR Departments

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 10, 2021


Wondering what the best communication software is for your HR department? Read more to learn about SMS texting!

Human Resource Departments are an integral part of any company.  HR Departments handle every new and existing relationship with employees and have a hand in all employee management responsibilities including on-boarding, addressing grievances, and answering any questions people may have within different departments.


What does every HR department need in order to thrive? The ability to communicate to a large number of people both efficiently and effectively. However, sometimes hiring a lot of people to message your employees can be a stressful and unorganized process. What if you could streamline all of your communication needs all through one platform?


Trumpia offers the perfect solution for any communication need a company or business may have. As an SMS texting software provider, we have the ability to send mass text messages to so many different people in a moment's notice. With our powerful software, you can make your communication dreams come true. 

Here are some of Trumpia’s top features that you can start utilizing today:


  • Automate your campaign by creating pre-scheduled messages or pre-made templates. You can even set it so that messages are sent after a certain criteria or condition is met - leaving your campaign on autopilot. This also means that any frequently asked questions can automatically be answered, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Use keywords in order to branch and organize concerns made by employees. For example, if they text the word “Operations,” you can set it so that they automatically receive text messages that pertain specifically to the Operations department. You can even hire dedicated specialists who can help answer specific questions. 
  • Create distribution groups in order to control who you are sending messages to. You can separate these groups based on parameters you decide including their interests, departments, groups, and more. These groups guarantee that people are receiving reminders and messages that they need to know - increasing the chance that they would want to stay subscribed to your messaging program. 


Here are all the ways that SMS texting can benefit your HR department:

Start using Trumpia today in order to boost your HR Department’s productivity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-844-998-3030.  

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