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Using Mobile Keywords for SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Aug 18, 2021


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Here is how you can use mobile keywords in order to focus and maximize your SMS Texting campaigns.

Mobile keywords are some of the most powerful resources you and your company have at your disposal when signing up for an SMS marketing platform. 

An SMS keyword is a word or phrase that people text to a SMS long code in order to sign up for a specific text messaging campaign. 

Keywords are helpful for multiple reasons:

Keywords can be used for various industries. For example, a restaurant business owner can set up a keyword so that people text the word HUNGRY to a phone number in order to start getting updates and notifications. 

With such a great tool available, here are two easy questions you can answer right away in order to start boosting your SMS marketing today:


Determine the Campaign

There are so many different use cases that are possible when it comes to building out a specific campaign. Ask yourself the question: what are you trying to achieve? What is the call to action that you want your customers to take? If your goal is to increase revenue, try sending a coupon for your product or service! If you have urgent, time sensitive events coming up, center your campaign around that! Or, if you want to increase excitement, try a giveaway or a contest. 

Whatever it is, determine the campaign and create a keyword that is able to sum up your campaign in one word, while making it appealing to the audience.


Determine the Methods

Finally, once you create a mobile keyword with a strong campaign purpose, settle how you are going to broadcast this keyword. Or a better question, where does this keyword need to be posted in order to gain the most visibility. Here are the top three ways you can advertise your SMS keyword:

  1. On a website that is connected to an online sign up page
  2. In store, possible at the register or advertised around the stores
  3. Through social media advertisements and more.

Use one of these platforms or create a multifaceted approach in order to start today!

If you have any questions, call or text 1-888-707-3030.  Get a free trial and put Trumpia’s SMS marketing software to the test today!

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